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Read what experts and pet "parents" have to say about the national award-winning book, Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care.
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"This is a wonderful book! I have rarely been so impressed by any publication"

Read the complete review from the January-March issue of the 2006 Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association by Editor-in-Chief Jean Hofve, DVM. 




"Imagine a book on canine health care that’s also fun to read. …this well-rounded volume is packed with everything you need to know about giving your dog a happy and healthy life. A word of caution – Scared Poopless is written in such an attractive, conversational style, you may find it hard to put down!” 


Read the entire review published in the September 2006 issue of

Animal Wellness Magazine, the #1 animal health magazine.



     Click to listen to radio co-hosts Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Tomasin talk to Jan about her book and express their feelings about it.




Animal Wise Radio on Air America.
Mike Fry and Beth Nelson, hosts.
Click here to listen to their review.



"... Jan Rasmusen gives an unbiased look at the current state of dog care. Narrated by Rasmusen's dog, Chiclet, the book examines vaccination schedules, highly processed foods and modern medications. Rasmusen consulted veterinarians and animal health activists in her research, and informs dog owners how to get the best care for their dogs."

       Pet Age Magazine, November 2006 issue


       "I am incredibly impressed with this book and believe it will be a great addition to the literature."   

Greg Ogilvie, DVM, Diplomate, Internal Medicine and Oncology; AVMA 1995 Veterinarian of the Year; AAHA 1996 Veterinarian of the Year; 1966 Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Outstanding Faculty Award; 1999 SHARE Human-Animal Bond Companion Animal Award; 2001 WSAVA Award for Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare         www.californiaveterinaryspecials.com





Delightful....with good solid information!"


Betty White, actress and animal activist




"This is a MUST HAVE for every dog lover! No kidding! Really, really!  I’ve been around dogs and dog breeding for nigh on forty years and I learned a lot from Scared Poopless! This book is jam-packed with information that could make your dogs’ lives better, if not save them!"  Read the entire review.

Joy Ward, author of Haint, Dogster.com for the love of dog blog


Book of the Month
January 2007


"As both a dog owner and veterinarian by profession, I work in the world of medical science and I live in the world as a devoted dog mom, concerned about the health and welfare of my beloved white Boxer, Rose. Therefore, I can truly appreciate the need for Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care. Although the title might suggest the content is someone trivial, this author has poured her heart, detective skills and keen sense of intuition into real fact finding and honest answers.  Her concerns should also be your concerns and her cautions, your yellow flag!  In these times we are all bombarded with tons of information and often not enough time to make truly informed decisions. Therefore, I encourage you to let Jan Rasmusen be your guide to bridge the dangerous gap between advances in modern medicine and aggressive marketing campaigns fueled by drug companies to help you decide what is best for the dog in your life!"

      Paula Terifaj, DVM, Brea, CA            www.dogiebag.com www.roverlution.com          www.foundersvet.com   

"Every pet owner should read this book! It's packed with research on numerous subjects, many of which I haven't seen in other books. A must-read!" 

Mike Arms, internationally-renowned animal welfare advocate, President and CEO, Helen Woodward Animal Center and founder of the Home4TheHolidays campaign bringing together 1,941 shelters to find homes for more than one million orphaned pets worldwide.




“Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care” is a must-read for all
dog lovers
... a comprehensive book on cutting-edge canine care that is
actually fun to read." 
Cleveland Daily Banner, 9-03-06



"Throughout reading this book at bedtime, I found myself reaching for post-it notes, tabbing pages of important information and websites to browse in the morning. The pages are filled with no-frill advice and experiences.  Scared Poopless is highly recommended for any pet, and their owner, whether just delving into a more holistic approach to dog care or a professional...."  From The Honest Kitchen newsletter. Read the entire review.




"Every pet owner should read this book. It is time to be empowered about how dis-ease prevention is really attainable.  Knowledge is power; we all need to be informed and make our health decisions from love, not fear. I give all my new clients "Scared Poopless" as a reading assignment to give them this knowledge in a fun, easy-to-assimilate format."




Tamara Hebbler, DVM, holistic consulting veterinarian 




"I am very excited about this book.  It offers so much information most people don't know, and makes complicated subjects easy to read and understand. I especially like the way Jan goes after over-vaccination issues and the poor quality diet most dogs endure. She gives us the tools we all need to be advocates for our dogs.


Breeders should give this book to every one of their pups new parents!  In fact, everyone with a dog should read it. I love this book!"


Mary Day, internationally renowned Maltese exhibitor and breeder since 1969, noted for her emphasis on canine health. Her dogs have won numerous Best of Breed, Best in Show and Maltese Specialty titles.  Recently, her "Carol" won the 2005 Best of Breed at Westminster Dog Show in New York and the 2005 Maltese National Specialty.  (Note: She does not breed commercially.)




I have been an active animal advocate my whole adult life, who takes the time to read all of the books that might contribute to my endless search for legitimate information that will help me to help my four rescued dogs to live healthier and longer lives. In voluntary service as an Officer and Director on two Boards in support of animal rescue, I receive first hand news regarding animal welfare and issues in the US daily. I have to recommend to anyone who loves the 'fur' that they consider Scared Poopless a must read. Cleverly authored by Chiclet who is very real, this book can only be described as the most legitimately researched compilation of valid diet, medical and eye opening facts that your Vet will never tell you. Read this book if you love your pets.

Jacque Berman, Palm Springs, Officer and Director on two animal rescue boards


"There are just so many good things about this book. The amount of research is incredible and the photos are delightful, whimsical and so cute. This is a wonderful book!  Even my dog gives it four paws up!"


Kitty Fields, dog trainer, host of Kitty's Animal Talk radio show, KSCO-AM


"Dog Lady sees a lot of dog books. Most of them are cute but inconsequential. "Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care" has substance. Jan Rasmusen, a loving dog keeper if ever there was one, has exhaustively researched this compendium on holistic and alternative canine care. The book addresses all those issues that we dog owners ponder: Are yearly vaccinations necessary? Should you really serve up kibble stinking of puke? Does it hurt doggy to graze in the garden? "It's a remarkable effort."

The Dog Lady   www.askdoglady.com  Advice on dogs, life and love



"A fun read, with some good advice by a real expert, the dog Chiclet!"


Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, author of Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats; founding member of The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy; member, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, National Center for Homeopathy, and National Vaccine Information Center.



"In addition to being a smart, well-written, and gorgeously designed and illustrated book, Scared Poopless provides a wealth of information for dog-lovers seeking a comprehensive overview of their options. Chiclet's Trivia Treats at the end of each chapter will further delight readers, as will the detailed index."


Myrna Milani, DVM, nationally renowned lecturer and author of seven books including the award winning The Invisible Leash and The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs.





"Chiclet shares valuable insights into canine health and safety in a humorous and educational way. This book offers an informative perspective on natural and integrative approaches. Easy and enjoyable."


Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, author of Love, Miracles and Animal Healing and Kindred Spirits, and co-author of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine: Principles and Practice; internationally recognized authority on natural integrative animal health care; editor of Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine.




Bravo!  The book is outstanding!  After I oohed and aahed over all the adorable pictures, I got down to reading what Chiclet had to say.  Not only did she reinforce a few things that I already knew, she taught me so much more.  There was obviously tons of research put into this book about things that responsible pet owners find overwhelming to try and gather on their own.  Also, Chiclet has a way of delivering her message that makes it so interesting and easy to read.  I now use it as a reference book and check back to it often thinking that I'll just be a minute, but I end up finding a chair and flipping from page to page because everything catches my attention all over again.  This book is so overdue.   

By the way, thank you, Jan and Chiclet, for making my holiday shopping for my clients easy this year.  

Marie Ford, Furry Godmother  www.furry-godmother.com   


"Thank you Chiclet for giving us this wonderful book. Your timing is perfect! This book is the "new road map" to understanding canine health care.  It should be included in every breeder's new puppy kit. A copy will be sent home with every puppy I breed.


Laurie Iseman, Seaborn Silkys, www.seabornsilkys.com



"Hi Jan. I've just finished my second read of Scared Poopless. I am the owner of The Good Dog (a bakery and general store for dogs in Palm Springs). We carry the best things we can find for dogs (and cats) and focus primarily on foods. I just want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book.  It not only makes my job easier (I refer people to the book to backup what I'm preaching) but it's a wonderful resource for us here at the shop as well. Your ezine is invaluable to us as well. Thanks!" 


Pam Haberman, owner of The Good Dog, Palm Springs, CA  (We met Pam when she came to see us at the charity doggy fashion show.)




"I rehabilitate rescued animals and am always amazed at how much difference a few changes can make in an animal's health. Chiclet tells us how to make important changes that will benefit all dogs and actually makes the learning fun!"


Maggie Houlihan, founding member of San Diego's SNAP (Spay Neuter Action Project);  Encinitas, CA city council member




"Chiclet and her "mom" have done an exemplary job of researching and compiling a much needed resource for pet owners.  Scared Poopless provides a humorous, yet insightful look into the trials and tribulations encountered when caring for our beloved four-legged "kids." This book raises many questions that we have as animal guardians and encourages us to explore all available options in seeking answers. I carry it in my practice and sell it to clients at my cost."


Keith Weingardt DVM, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and Veterinary Chiropractor, Chinese Herbology/TCVM (Chi Institute¡ Certification in process 




“What an incredible resource for the dog/companion/"family member" guardian. This is an insightful approach; I recommend it for all those whose pets are facing the prospect of surgery."


Sarit Dhupa, Diplomate, DVM, BVSc, American College of Veterinary Surgeons   www.californiaveterinaryspecialists.com


This is a book that shows an enormous amount of work and dedication to the project. It is packed with valuable information that every animal lover, pet sitter and pet caretaker should read.   

Jan Rasmusen has an uncanny ability to see the problems and the solutions through the eyes of her darling little Chiclet, a Maltese that you have to fall in love with. Not only is this an educational book, it will keep you laughing as you learn many little known secrets from the dog's point of view."

Maureen Hall, animal behaviorist, theatrical animal trainer, zoo manager



"Scared Poopless is an absolute must have resource book for every dog owner.  Jan Rasmusen has done the research for us and compiled it into this enormously informative and easy-to-read book. Everything you ever wanted to know about caring for dogs and a good deal you didn’t know you needed to know is within the pages of her book.  As a concerned, but somewhat uninformed “Mom” of three Maltese puppies, I have found Scared Poopless to be invaluable in providing me answers to my questions on many standard veterinarian practices used today.  Jan’s book is exactly what I have been searching for.  I love it!"  

Lois Steven, www.puppieswithattitude.com 

Jan, I enjoyed your book very much and have added it to my list of *must reads* for my clients. You have covered it all in this book and pet owners everywhere need to have this for reference.

I also love the pictures and Chiclet's way with words!  Thanks for doing this for all pet owners!

Anne Hudson, CDBC
FunPups Training & Behavior Solutions, www.funpups.com
Peachtree City
, GAnimal trainer, zoo manager 

 Maureen Hall, animal b

Reader Testimonials  


Just wanted to thank you for a very informative book. I've recommended it to several dog lovers.  As a physician, it did not make any sense that it was "recommended" I vaccinate my beloved Lily ( a rescued maltese, my first dog in 20 years) annually.  I refused after her first set given my education on the immune system.  Also, after much research I switched Lily to a raw diet almost a year ago.  I have recently started to volunteer for Northcentral Maltese Rescue and held a fundraiser/rescue raffle a few weeks ago at our neighborhood's annual Home and Garden Tour.  It was a great success.  I've included a picture of me and the girls (my newest rescue, Nadia) who were great ambassadors at the rescue booth. Your book cemented my beliefs and taught me a lot as well.  Keep up the good work.

Elvia "Gigi" Orrillo Blas, M.D. Blas, M.D.



"When I read Scared Poopless, I clearly underestimated just how dramatically it would affect my knowledge of canine health issues.  I was immensely impressed by the volume of often revolutionary material and the incredible research.  I found some of the facts surprisingly unsettling, making me doubt the quality of my own many years of pet ownership but giving me new hope for the future welfare of my three dogs.


Jan and Chiclet's interjections of humor and "trivia treats" were especially welcome devices for making the learning fun. The humor, fabulous photographs and the boldness of this book will set it far apart from standard pet care manuals. Jan has truly crafted a legacy on behalf of canine welfare. To say that I was surprised by the impact this book had on me may indicate just how much misinformation prevails about dogs and their needs."


Laura Russell,  Encinitas, CA



"If you truly love your dog, we encourage you to read this book! We have always considered ourselves informed, knowledgeable and nurturing dog people. We were more than a little surprised at how much we DIDN'T know! Terrific new information and delightful to read.


This book will be a fantastic reference book that you will pull down off the shelf time and time again. It should be a staple in any dog loving home. Our Shadow gives it two very large paws up!"

 Linda and Ken Howard (Emmy and Tony Award winning actor, White Shadow, Crossing Jordan, In Her Shoes)






"Scared Poopless takes the current status of most veterinary medicine--constipated?--and brings it out of the Stone Age and into modern day health consciousness. It's about time that someone came forward and barked out the real truth!


I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their dog's health and quality of life and to anyone who wants their dog to live as long as possible."

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Editor, Health & Fitness Magazine, Sacramento CA, Chiropractic Physician/M.S. Nutrition/Master Herbalist



"What can I say about Scared Poopless?  I love it! I literally have a wall full of dog books since I am totally immersed in the dog world. I am in shows and train constantly for conformation, obedience, rally, and agility. I'm also an RN as well as having a background working in veterinary hospitals.  I thought I knew a great deal about cutting edge dog care but boy did I learn A LOT reading this book! I am truly thrilled with how well researched, fun and full of extraordinary information it is and I can't remember when I have loved a new dog book as much as I have this one!

I was floored by the extremely beautiful color pictures and best of all it is written from the perspective of the writer's dog "Chiclet." This dear little dog captured my heart with her wise words, incredible comedic sensibility and I give kudos to the human author for using such a novel approach in this "must have" dog care book."


Beth McCarthy  http://www.johnfloresgraphics.com/doggies1.html




"Jan -- just wanted to let you know that Dr. Jean Dodds had recommended your book to me this summer and I just  ADORE it. Well done and so fascinating. … thanks for your wonderful contribution to the holistic community which will hopefully become all dog owners.”

Elyse Furlong, Delray Beach, FL 



"My dog Margo and I read the book together, and she and I both think it is wonderful; full of great information and great fun as well!"


Fannie Flagg, Oscar nominated screenwriter for Fried Green Tomatoes, bestselling author, actor, and comedienne.



"The morning after I read "Scared Poopless," I started incorporating 'people food' into my two little mi-ki's diets.  They were thrilled. Honestly, they seem happier.  I realized that they were so bored with their dog food. I found this book full of great information and ideas...thank you Jan and Chiclet!"


Jennie Garth, actor (Beverly Hills 90210 and What I Like About You)



ke"I'd like to congratulate my Maltese friend Chiclet and her mom Jan Rasmusen on their award winning must have book, Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care!"


  Hillary Duff's Dog Lola from Lola's Blog May 25, 2006







Note to Jan: "As an animal lover, this is the book I wish I had always had. You have channeled yourself as a canine.  We all thank you for that.  Every dog lover needs to read this."


Jill St. John Wagner, actress and author



"I read the whole book Sunday and can't say enough about how wonderful it is. To be able to write like that and to give so much useful information, even references to things that are not fun for dogs to have happen to them, is a gift to all companion animals and their people. I loved the writing style and learned so much. I am giving the second book I ordered to a dear friend in North Carolina and will be buying more for gifts. Thanks!"



Charlotte Crucean and her Goldens, San Diego



Jan, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book!  I am owned by two Maltese, one of which is allergic to food, inhalants and especially vaccines. At his one year shots he got the usual cocktail and was paralyzed for three days, in pain and had a high fever. Since then (he is three), I have been researching vaccines and the detrimental effects of, he gets adjusted by a vet chiropractor and I THOUGHT he was getting good food. You really opened my eyes to dog care at a critical time…. I just wanted to let you know I am sooo excited to hopefully have my babies around 20 more years!  Thank you for sending (the Dr. Jean Hofve) audio, too---excellent information!   

Janet Werking, Peoria, Illinois 

Jan,  I received your book and I have enjoyed it beyond words. You actually become 'Chiclet' in your book!  Where you get your humor and your 'dog sense' from...I will never know,  but it is amazing and most amusing how you write from her point of view.

There are other books out there but they are hard to read and actually quite boring.  But you get all your important information and facts across in such a delightful and interesting way that it is really hard to put the book down.  We want to know exactly what 'Chiclet' has to say about Everything---especially about us humans! 

Thank you, Jan, for all the endless research you have done so that the rest of us ' Maltese Mommys' and Mommys of dogs (Chiclet would be the first to admit that they are never referred to as dogs) can benefit. 

Claire Abel, Mommy of Snuggle and Pancake
Oceanside, California


Dear Jan, I am a pet sitter and am constantly talking to people about health of their dogs, especially about foods and the effects of over vaccination. I was thrilled to find such a beautifully designed and well written book. Scared Poopless is a must read if you want your dogs to live a longer, healthier life.

Thanks for writing a much needed book!

Kim Henry. Lake Oswego, Oregon  





I've almost finished reading Scared Poopless and I have really enjoyed it.  While a lot of the information is a review for me because I've done a lot of reading and research since I got my Wheaten about a year ago I keep thinking how great this book would have been for me at the beginning because it covers a lot of the information I had to seek out on my own to get from many different sources.  I will definitely recommend the book to first time pet parents as well as those people who are concerned with bettering the care they give to the pets they already have.  Thanks for taking the time to write a book that will greatly improve the lives of many fur babies!


 Carolyn Bloxham (right) and Rubie LeRoy




"As a dog-devoted person for 62 years, I am more than comforted to finally get the true "scoop" on how to best tend my beloved animals. Chiclet makes it more than easy for the medicine to go down. With wit, humor and innocence, Chiclet leads us down the road to better dog care. Her devoted Mom clearly has only one mission: saving and prolonging the lives of our beloved dogs. This is a MUST read for all who adore their dogs and want to keep them here and healthy for a very long time. Put it on the top of your TO BUY and TO READ list."


Cathy Conheim, Psychotherapist, Consultant, Author of Henry's World and What's The Matter With Henry  www.henrysworld.org




Note to Jan: "My husband and I recently received your wonderful "Scared Poopless" as a gift. We have two dogs: "Angel," a purebred German Shepherd of Irish descent, and "Laddie," an American German Shepherd--Labrador mix.  We live with them on a 50-acre ranch.


Your book is a whole different world for me. Our dogs thank me in a million ways for their improved diet.  As far as the dogs are concerned, your book is our bible.....  and Chiclet is one of their angels.


If my dogs could know you, they would be covering you with kisses on the hand, brief and meaningful, their highest compliment! They think they have died and gone to doggie heaven right here on earth.


I can't say enough good things about a book that cares so deeply about animal welfare AND gives us specific instructions as to how to improve the lives of our precious animals. Thanks so much."


Virginia Ruland, Valley Center, CA




"Scared Poopless exposes the animal health industry's strengths and weaknesses leaving the reader wondering if the care they've given their dogs had any negative ramifications.


Though we didn't meet her until after the fact, Jan helped my dear friend and me through K-9 cancer treatment, leading us to some of the best veterinarians in the country. Her thousands of hours of research really shows through.


This book is a must read for any K-9 lover!  Chiclet's quirky view alone is worth the read!"


Rachael Douglas, Member, www.k9cancersurvivors.com, K-9 Capers Therapy Dogs, "Mom" to Eva Darling Fabulous, Santa Barbara, CA




"This book has been absolutely life changing for me and my three animal companions.  Not only did it change my dogs' lives, it was also very transformational for my cat's health.  I read it front to back and was so excited to finally have someone do all of this amazing research.  It profoundly affected me and my animals.  I thank you Ms. Chiclet, Mr. Jiggy and Jan   We all thank you for your diligent work and your love for animals."


Jeanice Mullany , San Diego, CA




"Hi, Jan!  I read Scared Poopless this weekend, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it!  Lots of great info ~ it was nice to see that I have been on the right track with care and feeding for my mini poodle, Lacey, and that my holistic vet is in agreement with the top names in the field that you interviewed. And the pics in your book really made my day! Even my Lacey had to agree that those are two CUTE Maltese!  :0):0)"


Thanks for a great read, and for spreading the word about what having
a healthy dog is all about!

Sue Collura




"Absolutely Irresistible, Funny, Thought-provoking & Educational!

First of all - the photos! Amazing, expressive, adorable, and varied which can't help but touch all dog owners (actually, any animal lovers)! The photos pulled me in! I myself am a Maltese owner of two -- I had to look throughout the book at all the human-like actions of the dogs! I just couldn't resist; then I had to read something about each topic from first page to last. Not being able to stop at just perusing the chapters, I couldn't resist then getting into the meat of the obvious extended research that went into the facts expressed.


It all makes so much sense. Chiclet writes with humor, honesty, research, and new-health education -- all in a human-interest manner which makes the learning easier and presents a new form of health patterns which will change the way people think and how animals thrive! A simply delightful book that I have already recommended to my friends! It has a place on my coffee table.

Thank you, authors - you did a lickingly delicious job with this book!


Paulette Glynn, San Diego, CA




"I have been fortunate enough to have three Standard Poodles in my life! Many thanks to Chiclet (and of course Jan) for giving me the tools to keep "Lola" feeling like a two year old when in fact she will soon be eight !! I only wish the information in Scared Poopless had been available years ago!!

Thanks for helping all of us care for our furry, friendly friends!!"


Debra Gershen, Rancho Santa Fe, CA






"Scared Poopless taught me how to really love my dogs!  I am a 14 year old male who owns three dogs....whoa...I am getting ahead of myself. I really think that I am pretty smart, one of those teenagers who some people might call a "know-it-all," especially when it comes to taking care of my dogs. However, now that I have read SCARED POOPLESS by Chiclet T. Dog, I can admit that my ego was far too much involved in taking care of my dogs. I took care of them in ways that were easy and fun for me. I didn't know that I was killing them with sawdust dog foods, over vaccinations, jet ski rides on Mission Bay, and so forth! After reading SCARED POOPLESS, my heart became involved in taking care of my dogs.


Chiclet, the author, is very audacious-she speaks the truth for dogs on so many dog issues that I actually took notes on some of the chapters. (So much for being a "know-it-all!") Her eyes speak to my heart, as well as her humor, intelligence, and I would be a fool to mess with her sassy attitude. Chiclet T. Dog, you rock! Thank you for all the great dog pictures in your book. Thank you for sharing all of your information with me.


SCARED POOPLESS has brought many changes into the lives of my three dogs. The best two changes are that they are safer and act much happier when they see me. (Do you think it might have to do with eating veggies and eat real meat instead of sawdust?) I know that they now know that I do love them very much. I recommend this book to Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton and all other wonderful dog lovers in the world. Chiclet, thank you once more.


P.S. Don't forget that a lot of the proceeds of SCARED POOPLESS go directly toward dog causes. What better way to spend some money than helping helpless dogs!"


Gabriel Ryan in San Diego, Ca.




"I would recommend this book to anyone who has a dog. I originally got this book as a gift and was skeptical at first. After reading it and going to pretty much every website listed, I found it to be extremely helpful. My dog has never been happier than she is now, her skin problems are gone due to switching her to a raw diet and she is much more active and healthy. This book has helped me tremendously."


Krystal Adams




"I've read 7 puppy/dog books, including Puppies for Dummies, everything you ever wanted to know about puppies and 3 on my breed (Maltese) and although this book isn't "for Maltese only," I found a special bond with Chicklet and Jiggy as I was reading their story.  I felt their pain and excitement, and felt I was feeling it for my dog Snow.  NO book comes close to the truth and information that Scared Poopless does.  You can definitely tell that Jan loves her animals and loves yours, too!


Gina White


"P.S. Jan, I wanted to share this little cute story with you... My puppy Snow went last Friday to get spayed....  So obviously she was zonked; she still had the anesthesia in her... I slept in her room (yes her room is the den). I slept on the futon with her, and about 4:00 in the morning I heard this scratching.  She loves to scratch against things that make noise.... I ignored it, but it kept going.  I woke up and she was tapping her claws at your book.  I had it next to my head.  She nibbled off the side of the cover. I didn't care. I was excited she was back to herself being all crazy again... Anyway, I wanted to share that with you. Your book made her happy--in a different way!"



Wonderful, wonderful newsletter.... I also read your book cover to cover.  Excellent.  I have recommended it to many of my furry friends.  Keep up the good work.  The dogs need you and your work.  Thank you.   

Irma Aguirre, San Jose, California





“… a cleverly written manual/guide to rethinking canine health and safety. The wording is enjoyable to read and packed with valuable information on every aspect of dog care from buying or adopting your new pet to bathing, vaccinating, training and many more aspects.  Even if you have belonged to a dear dog for many years you will learn a lot from this terrific book.  


From Amazon reviews:

Informed consent, November 7, 2008

As a dog owner, it is my responsibility to make the best informed choices for my precious puppies. This book was enlightening to the max and opened my eyes to the ways in which the lives of our beloved pets are shortened by profit based veterinary medicine and "nutritionally complete dog foods".

Though I've been aware of the dangers of commercially prepared dog foods for some time, I had no idea of the dangers of vaccinations...especially giving little dogs like mine the SAME DOSE that big dogs get...come on!!

IMHO, this book is required reading for every dog owner who wants their precious pup to be around for many years beyond the "usual lifetime". An alternative approach to standard dog care can and does lengthen their lives and makes their lives far more comfortable. Isn't that what we would want for our own family members - because our pets ARE our family members.

Ellie Stanford

Small Dog owners must read this book, July 3, 2008

 If you own a small dog, this is a MUST READ!! The author has done a tremendous amount of research and has such good information. You won't be disappointed!

C. M. Natichioni


Click here to buy Scared Poopless















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