DVD from the Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar

The 2-hour DVD contains a live presentation by world-renowned pet vaccination expert  W. Jean Dodds, DVM. It is edited to pack in important information and remove questions that were applicable only to a few cases. It also contains a Q & A session by Dr. Dodds and Ron Schultz, PhD, plus bonus footage from the NE Rabies Challenge Fund Benefit Seminar and also audio by Jean Dodds talking about thyroid disease.  Learn more about Drs. Dodds and Schultz at www.dogs4dogs.com/cv

All proceeds less actual shipping costs benefit the Rabies Challenge Fund (a federally registered 501(c)(3) corporation). This all-volunteer group of scientists is working to:

•  prove long-lasting immunity from the rabies vaccine with the goal of increasing the period between rabies shots from 3 years to 5, then 7;
•  establish a blood “titer standard” to provide a scientific basis to avoid unnecessary rabies boosters;
•  in Phase Two, study vaccine additives (like aluminum, mercury and fetal calf tissue) used in veterinary vaccines and establish a much needed federal adverse reaction reporting system for rabies and other vaccines.

The rabies vaccine can cause autoimmune disease, skin and digestive problems, injection-site tumors, seizures, behavior changes and other adverse reactions.
 The Rabies Challenge Fund is completely funded by donations from concerned pet owners like you. Countless dog groups have donated to the Fund. Watch our video about rabies vaccine dangers.

Has your pet suffered a vaccine-induced illness?

Note from Jan Rasmusen:  I'm trying to alert the world about vaccine reactions. (This is not part of the Rabies Challenge Fund.) If you have a story to tell about your pet's reaction to the rabies vaccine, please post it at https://www.dogs4dogs.com/blog/2008/06/18/20/  If you have photos of a pet's vaccine reaction, please send it to dogs4dogs@aol.com.  I am compiling photos for a free on-line video.  



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