Rabies Vaccinosis Alert 

by Dr. Michael Dym, VDM  Homeopathic Veterinarian



Vaccination is often thought of by the conventional medical community as a benign procedure intended to prevent certain acute diseases, with side effects only occurring rarely. Rabies is a viral disease which can be deadly in people and pets. Because of the human health risks, dogs and cats are vaccinated for rabies by law every 3 years.

Unfortunately vaccination can result in certain sensitive individuals a chronic disease state one that is long-lasting, indeed in some cases a life-long condition. In human children there is increasing evidence of linkage between vaccination and chronic illnesses such as autism, juvenile diabetes, and asthma.

This state of "vaccinosis" is understood as the disturbance of the life force that results in mental, emotional and physical changes induced by the laboratory modification of a viral disease to make a vaccination.       

In other words, instead of seeing acute expressions of viral disease, we are, instead seeing symptoms of chronic illness which are actually documented to occur in rabid animals. Symptoms of rabies include restlessness; viciousness; avoidance of company; unusual affection; desire to travel; inability to be restrained; self biting; strange cries and howls; inability to swallow resulting in gagging while eating/drinking; staring eyes; swallowing wood, stones, inedibles; destruction of blankets, clothing; convulsive seizures; throat spasms; increased sexual desires; disturbed heart function; excited and jerky breathing. My biggest concern with pets are the changes in behavior after being vaccinated. This is usually along the lines of aggression, suspicion, unusual fears, etc. The essential aspect is a lack of control of impulses.

Many pets may exhibit any or many of the above behaviors indefinitely such as "reverse sneezing" and increased mounting seen in neutered pets. Conventional medicine does not explain these odd symptoms, but homeopathically these pets may be exhibiting symptoms of rabies vaccinosis and occur fairly commonly in my opinion. 

You certainly need to follow the law with regard to rabies vaccination. A homeopathic remedy given at the time of immunization can help reduces side effects. If your pet is suffering from the above symptoms, he/she can be evaluated by a homeopathic vet to try and cure this chronic diseased state.

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