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Jan Rasmusen is a nationally-recognized Canine Health and Safety Expert.
Learn more about Jan and Chiclet T. Dog, winner of two national awards for their book,
Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care.

Scared Poopless:
The Straight Scoop
on Dog Care
Jan Rasmusen &
Chiclet T. Dog

All author royalties benefit animals


Jan has appeared 3 or more times on:




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For interviews, please contact:  Jan Rasmusen at or call 858-449-8898 (Pacific Time). Last minute radio and print interviews welcomed.

Jan Rasmusen is a Pet Food Expert. She has been widely quoted, as in an article in the San Diego Union Tribune (3/25/07) and in a Reuter's article (3/21/07) regarding the Pet Food Recall which was posted on the NY Times and MSNBC websites.  


   Meet Jan Rasmusen with Jiggy (left) and Chiclet.

  Author Profile

Learn about our National Literary Awards

Read what the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association says

 Click here to watch Jan and Chiclet on TV and to watch Chiclet's Video Slide Show "Fame is a Bitch!"

Press releases: Dog Wins Second National Literary Award 11-06
Wish Your Dog Could Live Forever? 8-15-06
Dog Wins National Literary Award  7-13-06


Media experience: Jan's first book, Outclassing the Competition (St. Martin's Press), was syndicated nationally by News America Syndicate. Jan's national book tour included features on or in:


Recently, Chiclet T. Dog has appeared on television numerous times with Jan. Chiclet is perfectly behaved and happy to cuddle in a host's arms.  See Chiclet and Jiggy (above) with Senior News Anchor Gary Waddell during their second KLAS-TV news segment.


“Jan Rasmusen ... [is] always bright and charismatic on-air, and available to us in a pinch (when a scheduled guest drops out last minute).... My only hesitation about recommending her is that now she’ll be on your show too!  We want her all to ourselves!  Book her now! Your pet loving audience will always remember this guest.” -Hal Abrams Executive Producer Animal Radio

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 Topic: Safe Gifts for Dogs; approx. 15 minutes

Please make sure your volume is turned up. Press the play button above left to begin. Adjust audio and fast forward with slider bars.


"In the 16 years I have hosted this show, I have interviewed hundreds of authors ... and I must say that Jan was a pure delight on the air
 --Jon Patch, Talkin' Pets, internationally syndicated radio host

Listen to Jan's third appearance on Talkin' Pets  Topics: Disaster preparation and handling your dog's Fourth of July anxiety; 32 minutes (commercials edited out)





Q: Is Jan a good guest?


      A: "I am a big dog lover who does a political talk show in Sacramento.  I kept Jan on for a half hour... longer than I ever give most politicians. Draw your own conclusions!"         --   Christine Craft, KSAC 1240 talkcity  Sacramento

       Listen to Christine interview Jan on What's really in dog food?  23 min.






       Pet Food Recall: How to Feed Your Dog Safely

       10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Dog Live Longer 

       Avoid Holiday Dangers  (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

       Travel Safely With Your Pet (auto or air)

       Safe and Healthful Gifts for Pets

       What is Your Dog I.Q.?  (Take Chiclet's Quiz)

       10 Things Your Vet Probably Hasn’t Told You 

       10 Steps to Making Your Home Pet Safe

       The Truth About Vaccinations 

       How To Select the Right Vet 

       Protect Your Dog from Loss and Theft

       What to Do If Your Dog Is Lost or Stolen   

       How  to Pick the Right Pet For You & Your Family 

       Are You Ready for a Pet?

       The Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Pet Nutrition 

       Prepare for Disasters (listen to audio recording above)

       What to Do When Your Vet Says Cancer 

(Also see our book's extensive Table of Contents for more ideas.)

**Sample Interview Questions**


             RECENT TV & RADIO

*** indicates multiple appearances

***Animal Wise, AirAmerica radio, MN and streaming on-line nationally
Animal Talk Naturally, radio hosts Kim Bloom & Jeannie Tomason, national, on-line

Animal Wise, AirAmerica radio, MN and streaming on-line nationally

***PET TALK, with Harrison Forbes (6th appearance)

KOA-AM 850, Denver, with Rick Barber, syndicated in 38 states
Animal Radio, with Hal Abrams

***PET TALK, with Harrison Forbes (5th appearance)

WEIR 1430, Virginia

Newstalk 1340 WGAU, Athens, Georgia

WVTL AM 1570, Amsterdam, NY

World Talk Radio, Full Power Living with Ilene Dillon

KNZZ Morning News, Grand Junction, CO

WCMY, Ottawa, IL

WREL, Lexington, VA

WONU 89.7 Shine FM, Bourbonnais, IL 

***PET TALK, TV with Harrison Forbes

PET TALK radio with Harrison Forbes, WWTN

PET TALK radio with Harrison Forbes, WNWS, Tennessee

KSAC 1240 talkcity  with Christine Craft, Greater Sacramento

KQDS Duluth, MN

KSON radio: Cliff & Company, Greater San Diego County (CA) and cities north

***KUSI TV, Good Morning San Diego, Greater San Diego

***KUSI TV, News at 10:00  

***KUSI TV, Good Morning San Diego Weekend

***KUSI TV, Good Morning San Diego, Greater San Diego (2nd appearance)

KMIR TV (NBC) Palm Desert, CA

***KSCO-AM radio (twice), Kitty’s Animal Talk, California Central Coast and Internet

Animal Talk—nationally syndicated

XETV—Fox 6 Morning News, greater San Diego

CRN Radio, The AM Show, syndicated nationally

Animal Radio, syndicated to 250 stations

Animal Talk, Michigan

KMIR – TV, NBC, 6 Morning News, Palm Desert, CA

WRRD, Your Family Pet, Salem Radio Network, AM 540, Wisconsin 

WHMA radio, greater Birmingham, AL   

KLAS – TV, CBS, Morning News at 6 and 7, Greater Las Vegas NV

***Talkin’ Pets radio with Jon Patch, syndicated to 150 stations and archived  (appeared three times)

KVON Radio, "Wine Country Dogs," Napa, CA

1540 AM, The Michael Dresser Show, Greater Milkaukee, WI and Internet

KXYL FM, Greater Abilene, TX

***multiple appearances





San Diego Union Tribune, Sunday edition  (3/25/07)

Reuters article, international synication (3/21/07)
Tails, Inc. Pet Magazines Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc.  PDF link

All Pets Radio, 12-06

Pet World News, 12-06 feature

Solana Beach Sun, Solana Beach, CA 11-17-06

Rancho Santa Fe Record, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 11-20-06

Ranch & Coast Magazine, San Diego-La-Jolla-Rancho Santa Fe, CA 11-06

Pet Age, national, 11-06

Veterinary Economics, national, 9-1-06

Stratton Spotlight, Stratton, CO  9/26/06

Cleveland Daily Banner, 9-03-06, Cleveland, OH

Health & Fitness News Magazine  5 articles by Jan Rasmusen/Chiclet

Chicago Daily Herald (6/18/06) 

Rancho Santa Fe News (6/15/06), article, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

San Diego Union Tribune, (6/07/06), profile with photo   PDF link

North County Times, 6/01/06)

Village & Valley News, (6/23/06)

North County Times, (3/26/06) North San Diego County, profile PDF link

Del Mar News, 6/01/06  Reprinted from Rancho Santa Fe Review 

Rancho Santa Fe News, (6/01/06) front page profile

Rancho Santa Fe Review, 5/25/06  profile

Carmel Valley News, (11/24/05)—Reprint of above, Carmel Valley, CA

Rancho Santa Fe Review, (11/17/05), Full page

Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA

     Merrill Lynch Ask Merrill
     Seattle Post-Intelligencer, WA 
     Ventura County Star, CA
     KPLC TV - Lake Charles, LA
     KTVO TV - SE Iowa/NE Missouri

RBC Dain Rauscher Inc.        

For interviews, please contact:  Jan Rasmusen at or call 858-449-8898 (Pacific Time.  Last minute radio and print interviews are welcome.












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