Locating a Veterinarian


Veterinarians come in two flavors, allopathic and holistic. You need both varieties.

Allopathic veterinarians practice conventional medicine. They believe disease comes from outside agents: bacteria, viruses, toxins, and such.  To combat disease and injury, they intervene with drugs and/or surgery. Allopathic vets are great when dogs are bleeding or have a broken leg or bad knees.  Many of the best allopathic vets have clinics with specialists coupled 24-hour emergency services. 

Find a list of veterinarians and emergency clinics at http://www.pets911.com/veterinarians/  More and more allopathic vets employ some alternative medicine modalities like acupuncture or herbal medicine, but that alone does not make them a holistic vet.  By itself, the label “holistic” doesn’t imply special training or certification.  The label may well be just a marketing ploy.

Looking for a board certified specialist? Go to  http://www.avma.org/education/abvs/specialty_orgs/default.asp  

True holistic veterinarians treat the whole animal, not just one organ or limb. They consider the animal’s environment and history, believing that given proper support, using both conventional and alternative modalities, animals will often heal themselves. I believe that holistic vets are the vet of choice for chronic disease, as they treat the cause not just the symptom. To fully understand holistic medicine, go to http://ahvma.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=61.

Holistic vets use natural, minimally invasive methods whenever possible. Virtually all these vets were trained in conventional medicine before deciding that cures using nutrition and stress reduction offered their patients more alternatives. You’ll find a listing of holistic vets at www.holisticvetlist.com.  Homeopathy experts can also be found at that site, or at www.theAVH.org and http://www.drpitcairn.com/referrals/anhc_referrals.html.

Find a chiropractor for your dog at http://www.avcadoctors.com/ Acupuncturists can be found at www.IVAS.org or the Chi Institute  www.TCVM.com. Other non-conventional specialties (including Reiki, Ozone Therapy, Nutrition, Kinesiology, T-Touch and many others) can be found at www.holisticvetlist.com.  


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