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What I Know That You Don't

Surgery is Pain

Rethinking Vaccination

Emergency Emergency

Food 1: Myths, Lies and Profits Home Alone
Food 2: Feed Me! Disappearing Dogs
Stop Pest-ering Me The Not-So-Great Outdoors
Avoiding Dental Disaster Car Trouble
Why We Won't Have Sex Flying without Dying
Preventin' and Fixin' Divorcing Your Dog
Combating Major Medical Finding New Love
Anesthesia Anxiety The Big Sleep: Yours and Ours
What I Know That You Don't

21 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore in Your Dog


Take Our Quiz

Rethinking Vaccination
What to Do When Your Dog Has a Vaccine Reaction Protecting Dogs From Vaccine Reactions


  Videos/articles covering vaccination of dogs & cats Trustworthy articles on vaccination, food, etc. for dogs
Puppy socializaton before vaccination?
          Liability for Vaccination Rabies Challenge Fund nonprofit study of the vaccine
Why Vets Don't Recognize Vaccine Reactions

AAHA 2010 Canine Vaccine Task Force Report

World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc. Guidelines
         Research adverse reactions Bordetella: Does Your Dog Really Need the Kennel Cough Vaccine?

Find a holistic vet

Dr. Bob Roberts/vaccination advocacy link

AVMA Pesticide, Drug and Food Reporting Page

Report adverse vaccine reaction

Immune mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Vaccinating Cats
Bordetella: Does Your Dog Need the Kennel Cough Vaccine? Titer Testing
Vaccine Reactions Good article by Dr. Karen Becker
Truth About the Canine Flu Shot Veterinary Vaccine Ingredients
Vaccine Against Obesity  
    Dr. Roger's excellent slide presentation Catherine O'Driscoll's Video Library

Rabies Vaccine Information

Rabies Vaccination: 13 Ways to Vaccinate More Safely
What You Should Know About Rabies Vaccination
The Rabies Vaccine and Your Dog: Side Effects
Rabies Vaccination Caution: A Veterinarian Speaks Out
Rabies Vaccination Medical Exemptions for Unhealthy Dogs
Rabies Vaccination report
AVMA Passes a Rabies Vaccination Waiver Recommendation
Does Your State Permit Rabies Vaccination Medical Exemptions?
Vaccination Reactions Can Mimic Disease Symptoms
Rabies Vaccination: Caution! The Devil is in the Details
      USA  Human rabies cases

Rabies Challenge Fund nonprofit rabies vaccine study

Food (about commercial foods)

The Truth About Pet Food

Nutrition Audios by Jan Rasmusen and Dr. Jean Hofve

Food safety and additives

Dog Food Advisor reviews
Recall alerts: @AVMARecallWatch Pet food recall list

Report tainted jerky treats

Pet food recall email alerts

AVMA pet food recall list

AVMA pet jerky recall

FDA Pet Food Label Information

AVMA war against raw diets

How many carbs in dog foods?

Great pet food news website

Ingredient definitions in commercial foods

Dog and Cat Food Labels: Marketing Tricks That Cost You Money

Genetically-modified Ingredients in Pet Food By Dr. Michael W. Fox

Report illness from pet food at the FDA Safety Reporting Portal

Protein contact of dog & cat food

BPA in canned food linings

Food (to build health)

ASPCA Poison Control Center

Dog and Cat Food Labels: Marketing Tricks That Cost You Money
Please do not use any commercial food without first checking the FDA recall list.
Frozen raw:


Omas Pride

Nature's Variety

Dehydrated / freeze dried/ air dried:

Honest Kitchen

Ziwi Peak
Canned / Kibble:

I no longer recommend kibble. Fresh, frozen, dehydrated and canned foods are, in my opinion, much better quality.

Learn about the link to cancer and kibble..

For a new series of audios on nutrition for dogs and cats, see our shopping cart.
I no longer recommend any commercially processed canned food because what appears safe one day may not be safe the next. Links to check for brand safety can be found here.  
Dog Food Mix:



Liver Biscotti

Dexter’s Deli (natural foods)

Merritt Naturals

Supplements we use:

Joint Health

Digestive Enzymes


More Good Supplements:

Animal Essentials

Earth Animal


More information:

On-line nutrition groups

Find a holistic vet

 Toxic foods

Water purification system

          FDA: On label claims

Free ebook on raw feeding

K9Nutrition Yahoo Feeding Group

Bloat information

            If you want your dog to go vegetarian, click here. or cOr click here.
Stop Pest-ering Me  (safe pesticide control)
Find drug information under Preventing the Preventable:
Pesticides & Preventatives  Poisoning Pets - article  

Natural flea collar

EPA product alerts and recalls


EPA pesticide facts/dangers
EPA flea and tick fact sheet
Protecting Pets from Fleas & Ticks

Earth Animal

National pesticide information center
            Green Paws - good info here Pesticides and Pets - great article
Beyond Pesticides reporting
          AVMA Pesticide, Drug and Food Reporting Page NPIC Tips Sheet

Local flea activity

Flea control book
Death by Teeth (dental care)
Video on non-anesthetic cleaning  

General information

Find a veterinary dental specialist
Why We Won't Have Sex (spaying and neutering)

Breaking News: Spay/neuter and health risks

List of natural breeders

 Pyometra and spaying

Doris Day Animal Foundation  links

 Affordable services nationwide

Cancer & Neutering
Preventing the Preventable
Flower Essences:

Spirit Essence

How to Use Essential Oils  


Pet Essences
Research Your Dog's Drugs:


Dog’s Adverse Reactions


Reporting drug side effects
          Search the FDA Website Heartworm in Cats

FDA on Pain Meds for Pets

Merck Vet Manual
Water Purity


Safer Mouse Bait  
Toxic and Non-toxic Plants
Toxic plants (ASPCA list)  
Non-toxic plants (ASPCA list)  
Combating Major Medical
Questions to ask before buying insurance
University cancer center information:


Colorado State

Canine Cancer Awareness

Surgical information


Yahoo Groups

Cancer clinical research trials

AVMA Cancer Warning Signs/information
          Angel Care Cancer Center Asbestos and cancer
Veterinary Specialty Listings  
          Find a specialist or holistic vet  
Anesthesia Anxiety

About animal anesthesia

Surgery is Pain

Animal Essentials



Earth Animal
Drugs (see Research your drugs under Preventing the Preventable):

Bandage Care

Mind toys
Emergency Emergency

ASPCA Poison Control Center

Shelter location information
First aid kits:



Commercial products ResQPet

Healer Pet
          ID Cards and home stickers  
Dog friendly hotels:


 Canadian pet-friendly  accommodations


Emergency planning information:

HSUS (search “Disaster”)



 At Home
Safety stickers:

2nd Chance 4 Pets


Disaster Legislation

Doggy doors:


Moore Pet


          ASPCA Poison Control ASPCA poison-proofing your home
           Free Poison Control Hotline (785) 532-5679   Available 24/7
Sitters and Kennels

Professional Pet Sitters

Kennel information

Pet Sitters International

Health and Happiness
          Hybrid vigor in designer dogs? Avoiding Medication Errors
Relaxation training
          Dangers of debarking  

Busy buddy

Disappearing Dogs
Great dog tag with electronic care, medical and location information
How to Find a Lost Dog:

Best Friends

Pet Rescue

Pet Finder

Custom pet tags, bracelets, key chains
Pet Detective's 32 page guide (no longer available):


Shelter locator at Pets911


If you find a stray

Best Friends

The Not-So-Great Outdoors

Doggy Heimlich Maneuver

Breakaway collar

Great dog tag with electronic care, medical and location information

Bike riding

Deterring aggressive animals

Life jacket or link here or link here

Coyote safety

Coyote -- general

Doggy flashlights


Reflective vests
Car Trouble

Carrying cases

My Dog's Life Form


Pet Protector System - 1-800-HELP-4-PETS
Safest car harnesses for dogs Dogs in truck beds

Eye gear

Dog Safety Information Sheet
Auto Blind Spots
Great dog tag with electronic care, medical and location information
Flying without Dying

Dogs flying as baggage or cargo

Absorbent pads for crates and carriers; diapers for dogs

General air travel information from Department of Transportation


Report canine air travel problems

Shipping crates or link here

Airline/airport safety report

Rescue Remedy
Divorcing Your Dog

Behavior help lines

List of certified applied animal behaviorist

Human-Animal Bond

Certified pet trainers listing

Vet/behavior expert (phone consultations)

More help

 Find a home for a dog

DogsDeserveFreedom blog by a trainer


New Homes:

Questions to ask of new parents

My Dog's Life Form

          Moving to a new home

Foreign travel (USDA)

Adoption terms

Purebred rescue organizations or link here
Shelter Information:


Animal Sanctuaries:

Best Friends

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Breeders to avoid

Dogs and Kids resources

Breeding code of ethics

Guide to genetic problems
          Rescue, puppy selection, adoption New England adoptions
Selecting a breed:

Dog Breed Info

Help finding a shelter dog


The Big Sleep: Yours and Ours
(death of you or your dog)
Guardian dead or disabled

Help orphaned pets

Pet trusts


My Dog's Life Form

Estate Planning info

Death of dog

Euthanasia facts


Grief and Loss Links Purdue

Delta Society

Burial options

Additional Links of Interest
Vet Info Online




Veterinary Specialty Referrals

Find a holistic vet


Holistic Vets who are Acupuncturists

Blogs You Might Like

          Bark-N-Blog by Dr. Kim Bloomer from Animal Talk Naturally


Animal Therapists Good references to alternative care

Pet Supplies--buy supplies and make a charitable donation to your favorite charity
          Rescue Pet Store  
Advocacy / Legislation Alerts

Doris Day Animal Foundation

Humane Society newsletter/alerts

Doris Day legislative alerts

ASPCA lobby

Animal law

Dog bite law
          PETS Disaster Legislation
Kids and Dogs

Doris Day Animal Foundation comics or here

Pages to color

Kids readiness (search kids & pets)

Pet care for kids

The new baby and pets

 Pet Friendly Apartment Listings

Rentals accepting pets

Deafness in Dogs


Newsletters / Magazines

Whole Dog Journal


Best Friends Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine

Professional Grooming Tools

Anxiety and Fear

TTouch Wrap

Anxiety Wrap
          Ear Muffs for Dogs
Charitable Information

Rabies Vaccine Study

Change online shopping into philanthropy
          Evaluate performance of non-profits or link here  
Non-Profits Helping Dogs
          Hemopet -- dog blood bank


So. Cal group representing more than 25 rescues
          The PawzCauze  

Humane Society of the United States

Best Friends Animal Society


Delta Society
Feed an Animal in Need Free
Helping orphaned pets
San Diego Links

Pawtopia  Recommended trainer

North County Humane

Low cost spay/neuter

Rancho Coast Humane

San Diego Humane Society

Spay/Neuter in Mexico
          Pet Lovers Publications Linda Michaels CPDT -- positive reinforcement trainer
          Spay / Neuter Shelters
 Helen Woodward Animal Center
For Cat Lovers  
          Great info from a cat loving holistic vet Cat vaccination

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