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   volume 20



July 2006  

From  The Honest Kitchen newsletter

Scared Poopless


The Straight Scoop on Dog Care
by Chiclet T. Dog and Jan Rasmusen

Yes, the author is an oh-so-precious four-footed Maltese. Luckily she had her mom, Jan Rasmusen to head-up and fund the book as well as visit many Veterinarians for their wealth of knowledge. These include Dr. Pitcairn , Dr. Schoen , Dr. Ogilvie , Dr. Dodds , and Chiclet's own Veterinarian, Dr. Hebbler This list, however, is not inclusive of all the Docs who support this book.

Throughout reading this book at bedtime, I found myself reaching for post-it notes, tabbing pages of important information and websites to browse in the morning. The pages are filled with no-frill advice and experiences recounted from Chiclet's trials and tribulations. Intermittently throughout the book, he has these brilliant phrases as well. ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'

The book dispels many myths propagated for years by huge pet food conglomerates. For example, why does a 4 pound Maltese receive the same dose of a vaccine as a 140 pound Mastiff? This seems counter-intuitive however many of us have let the Vet poke our dog without basic rationale. Why give polyvalent (DHLPP) vaccines when alternatives and monovalent (Distemper given alone) types are safer? What is the reputation of the vaccine, has a lot been recalled? Until pet owners begin to research answers to these questions on their own, their four-legged friends are the ones who suffer. ‘It costs more to do ill than to do well.'

Toxins, Vaccinations, and fresh, natural diets are discussed at length, with Chiclet recommending, almost pleading at times that owners Take Charge in the health and well-being of their dogs. Until recently, vaccination schedules used to be set forth by the manufacturers of the vaccines themselves! Now a health board sets the suggestions for vaccination protocol & schedules.

Beyond these topics, Chiclet and Jan cover private, often overlooked but important matters. These include preventing loss and theft of your dog, dogs in cars, safety trips for canine air travel, combating major medical, divorcing your dog, how to choose the right dog for your lifestyle and personality so it does not live out its days in a shelter. This next one might be a shocker, but I guess you can never be too prepared; arranging for your dog's welfare should you die or become disabled.

Scared Poopless is highly recommended for any pet, and their owner, whether just delving into a more holistic approach to dog care, or a professional at heart. ‘Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.' Potential problems have a way of exposing themselves before growing into larger ones. Will we notice a lion's roar or its whisper?

And did you know that Neuticles are available for male dogs that are in a huff about losing their testicles? These are prosthetic dog testicles. Yes, you read correctly!
Chiclet informed me of this in one of her end of chapter trivia.
Please visit – to meet Chiclet & Jan Rasmusen

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