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First Quarter of 2006 issue

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Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care

By Chiclet T. Dog and Jan Rasmusen

Reviewed by Jean Hofve, DVM, Editor-in-Chief


            This is a wonderful book! Writing from her earnest, unique, canine point of view, Chiclet—a peppery 4-lb. Maltese—imparts crucial information in a fun, easy-to-read style. She and her human companion, Jan Rasmusen, have done an incredible job researching and distilling information that every dog guardian should know.

            Chiclet (and Jan) decided to get writing after Chiclet's true love, Jiggy, developed severe immune-mediated liver disease. His long journey back to health (mainly through a homemade diet) triggered the extensive research that resulted in this book. Their website  provides complete support for the book.

            This book aims to explode every common myth and cover virtually every aspect of canine care; all in an entertaining and painless fashion. The importance of regular check-ups, spaying and neutering, dental care, home and travel safety, and pest control are emphasized. Behavior, housing, surgery, adoption, rehoming, and even death get the same even-pawed, thoughtful treatment. I was particularly glad to see a discussion about providing for your pet if you die first.

            Though Chiclet clearly thinks holistically, there's not too much here that any vet should argue with—though conventional thinkers may be uncomfortable with the way Chiclet's sharp teeth (and wit) dissect the medical, pharmaceutical, and pet food industries, and raw diets still aren't widely accepted. (It doesn't hurt that I agree with almost everything Chiclet says, but I must say, her logic is flawless!)

            I sat down one snowy morning to glance at this book, preparing to muddle through it at some future date. Instead, I was utterly hooked within a few sentences, and finished the entire book in a day. I have rarely been so impressed by any publication! Chiclet's chatty style provides massive amounts of information in a format that will convince people that they are just having a fun read, when they are really getting an intensive education in dog. She does bare her teeth when needed to get her point across; and there is much that is currently wrong with how most people deal with their dogs that needs correcting!

            The 90 incredible photos alone are worth the price of admission, but this is much, much more than a cute picture book. If you want one book that will get your clients clued in to the holistic philosophy in a thorough but gentle and even enjoyable way, this is definitely the one. I'd recommend this one to everyone with a dog. Holistic vets should buy it by the case and distribute it to new clients. Chiclet is here to make your job a whole lot easier; take advantage!


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