Renowned veterinary vaccine expert Dr. Ron D. Schultz lists seizures on his list of "rare" to "uncommon" veterinary vaccine adverse reactions. That is, more than 1 in 10,000 dogs, but less than 1 in a 1000, develop seizures.


This was sent to me by Dr. Patricia Jordan in response to my question on connecting seizures to vaccination:

There is lots of info that vaccines can and do cause seizures in the first place. You do not know how many times, taking a history of my clients pets, that they had seizures that started following vaccine administration and their vet never was capable of connecting the dots.

Well, not even the medically hubristic veterinarians, even the head of [a famous university], the MEDICAL [not veterinary] College. I had him as an instructor on epilepsy and was ASTOUNDED that when reviewing human seizure cases they never ask about vaccine administration. In the Federal Registry, seizures are the number one side effect of the vaccine procedure!

Also, in homeopathy we RARELY see a case that [didn't read] "never well since vaccinations." Also, the vaccines cause autoimmune diseases, especially the rabies which is the ONLY forced vaccine.....and then when the animals becomes sick with autoimmune thyroid disease; the dogs are often put on phenobarbital which drugs them up and makes them HYPOTHYROID if they were not heading that way in the first place! Then even thyroid disease can make patients seizure.....and round and round and round it goes, with veterinarians not understanding the very disease EMANATES from the procedure of vaccine administration.

 -- Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH & Herbology
Author of the upcoming expose
´ on vaccination: Mark of the Beast


This is Dr. Jordan's comment to a reader's comment at blog regarding the vaccination of a dog having seizures  A dog in a vet's office because of repeated seizures was vaccinated with the rabies vaccine, Bordetella and a DHLPPC combo shot -- all without his guardian's knowledge. The dog died. (Note: these shots should not have been given in combination to any dog, in any state of health, let alone an unhealthy dog. See Vaccinating Dogs for more information on vaccination safety.)

I am a veterinarian and I believe your vet committed MALPRACTICE and was not only dishonorable, what he did was UNCONCIONABLE. Seizures are often the very result of vaccinations to begin with. Obviously, your companion was in a state of dis ease and not healthy even for vaccination administration. He was also on medication, phenobarbital, and had been administered lorazepam…….the vaccines were administered without informed consent, without full disclosure, in direct violation of the FDA recommendations that are carried on the very insert for the vaccinations.

Call a lawyer, get his Professional Liability License number and also submit a complaint to his state veterinary medical board. Many seizuring animals and vaccinated animals develop hypothyroidism from the vaccines, and also from the administration of the phenobarb and therefore makes them candidates for the rabies vaccine waiver, not the dangerous vaccines. Your vet not only killed your companion, he is endangering the public welfare administering viruses via vaccination to dis eased patients. He obviously has not reason to be trusted with the care of anyone’s pet. It is very sad to have to resort to court cases and state medical board complaints, but until the unscientific and malpractice act of the vaccination habit is stopped, many more companion animals are slated to be killed by the veterinary medical profession.

More from Dr. Jordan:

WE KNOW that rabies vaccines results in behavior problems (rabies miasms), increased aggression, seizures, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, diabetes, Cushings, Addison’s disease and CANCER, many many cancers, mast cell tumors to the whole gamut; the adjuvants [additives} are CARCINOGENS.

Your veterinarian has a legal and ethical obligation to fully inform you about the risks and benefits of any vaccination. Read what an attorney and veterinarian has to say about a vet's obligation of Informed Consent.

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