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Have a question? We'll help if we can. Please post your question on our blog (links listed below) so we can share our answers with everyone who might be interested. Comment anonymously if you like. Please do not slander anyone. Questions posted on our blog are answered before e-mailed questions. Thanks!

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Rabies Vaccination questions  If you haven't already, please read our Rabies Vaccine Information page. Post questions, comments and stories at the bottom of the page here: The Rabies Vaccine and Your Dog 

General Vaccination questions  Please read one of our articles about vaccinating dogs first, then post your comment at the bottom of the article's page. Here's a general article that may answer your questions: Vaccinating Dogs: 10 Steps to Eliminating Unnecessary Shots 

 Learn more about vaccines at

Heartworm Please read these articles then post your question at page bottom:
Heartworm Medication Part 1: Truths, Omissions and Profits
Heartworm Medication Part 2: Options to Fear-Based Recommendations

Anesthesia Free Dental Treatment    We do NOT do cleaning. If you watched our video at and want to contact those people, please see or e-mail them.

Find other topics at blog.

Note: Jan Rasmusen is a consumer advocate, not a veterinarian.

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Orders, Emergencies and Media Inquiries Only:  Call us 8 to 5:30 US Pacific Time   858-449-8898.






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