Is Your Dog Stressed Out?: Locate and Eliminate Hidden Stressors

Written by Jan on July 7, 2009 – 12:01 am

Ostressedur pets’ lives are too often filled with hidden stresses that challenge their health and longevity.  In addition to common stressors like highly processed commercial food, over-vaccination and over-medication, pets will be healthier and happier if you: 
•  Reduce their isolation.  Dogs are pack animals. Leave them alone hour after hour, day after day, and they will mourn their very existence.  This can result in  problems like separation anxiety, incessant barking and destructive behavior, and also in health problems. In fact, insufficient attention may be the biggest stress of all.  

•  Improve water.   Impure or insufficient water is dangerous.   Make sure you take water along with you on long or hot walks. Never let your dog drink sprinkler run-off or out of fountains (which likely contain toxic chemicals).  And if you’re drinking purified water, your pets should be, too. 

•  Get Your Dog Moving.  A fit dog is less prone to injury and has a healthier digestive system and heart.  Did you know that heart disease is a major killer of dogs? Like us, they need sensible exercise to live a long, healthy life. But take it easy. Dogs will do their best to keep up with joggers and cyclists even when they shouldn’t. Don’t ask them to exert themselves strenuously unless they’re in shape.

•  Stay slim.  Chubby dogs aren’t cute. They are health problems waiting to happen. Expect early onset of joint damage, diabetes and major organ disease. Read more »

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