New to blogging? Don’t understand social bookmarking? We were all neophytes once. Here are some tips.

A blog is like a living website that notifies you when additional posts have been added.


At the end of every post, there’s a place to comment. Just type and click Submit Comment. No SPAMMING allowed. Please leave a comment that will help inform others. All comments are screened before being made visible.


  • Subscribe by RSS feed by clicking the little orange square on the right side of this page. You can subscribe to Posts, which are articles or videos, and/or also subscribe to Comments, which are people’s response to the Posts. First, you need a reader, like Google Reader. Click this LINK. When I make a Post or someone Comments, it goes directly to your reader and the little orange square, which resides on your browser, goes from pale to dark. You click it and read the Post. This way, your e-mail in-box doesn’t fill up. But you have to remember to click the icon.
  • Subscribe by e-mail, also on this page at right. When there’s a new post, it will automatically be e-mailed to you.
  • Subscribe by Social Networking at right. Click the little symbols and see what happens. The blue “G,” for example, takes you to your Google Reader if you’ve already subscribed.


Bookmarking is a cool way to save and retrieve a website or article you like. You give it tags so you can easily find it again. Sign up first to a bookmarking site by clicking on a symbol that looks like this: Hover your cursor over this symbol. (This one isn’t live; find a live one at the end of this page and at the end of every post and on most pages on my website.) Hovering will bring up a link to a bookmarking site. Click the symbol for the site you joined and it will pull up a form that lets you name, describe and tag the website. Then when you want to find it again, you go to that bookmarking site and search for a tag.

For example, if you tag our Rabies Vaccine video, you might tag it “rabies, dog, rabies shot, vaccine….” Search, say, for “rabies shot” on the bookmarking site and it will pull up my site and others. Note: sites will tell you whether they like you tag with “rabies, dog” or “rabies dog” — that is, with or without commas.

For many sites, you have to sign up first. For others, you just click on the icon and it will tell you how to sign up.  Just click the icon on bookmark symbol at the bottom of this page and it will tell you how to proceed. Don’t forget to come back to to bookmark your favorite posts!

Once you’re a member of a bookmarking site, you’ll download an icon to your toolbar. It’s usually sits on the upper left. Then when you’re on a site you want to bookmark, click the icon and proceed.

Note: adding a Post or web page to a bookmarking site also helps other people find it. So, if you like one of my Posts, or webpages, please bookmark it. After you’ve joined a site, it just takes a second, and you’ll find a link at the end of every post. When others search for the tags you give it (like rabies shot), my page will show up. This helps spread the word about holistic dog care.


At the end of every Post, beneath the bookmarking symbol, you’ll see “E-Mail This Post.” Click it and fill out the short form. Or if you want to e-mail an archived Post, click the appropriate link at right under Archives. Then copy and paste the link that shows up in your browser and e-mail it. (To copy a link, highlight it with your mouse (left click the mouse and drag the cursor), then hold down the Ctrl Key and the letter C at the same time to copy. To paste the link, depress Ctrl and P.)

Still having trouble? E-mail me.