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Hi. If you’re a veterinarian or other dog care expert interested in sharing your wisdom about holistic dog care, we hope you’ll contact us. Sorry, but we are not interested in general interest pieces. Ours is a nonprofit effort. We do it for the love of dogs. Rest assured that your writing won’t be compromised by those vaccine and pet med ads found elsewhere.

Initially, please send us something you’d like to post and, if it matches our style, we’ll contact you. Let us know if you’ve published this piece elsewhere.

We’re looking for user-friendly pieces. We don’t want anything too technical, although we encourage links to more technical information. Feel free to link to your website, and list your city if you have a private practice.

We will NOT publish pieces recommending yearly vaccination, processed foods, toxic meds, etc. We will not knowingly publish slanderous articles singling out a particular company or individual–even if we’d like to!

Please contact Jan Rasmusen at for more information or to submit your piece.


Jan Rasmusen
Author of the national award-winning book: Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care