jan-red-fixed-smallHi. I’m Jan Rasmusen, author, lecturer, newsletter writer, and dog health and safety advocate. I have appeared on radio and television many times advocating for dogs.

After my dog Jiggy was diagnosed with life-threatening immune-mediated hepatitis, I began what is now almost seven years of research and interviews with dozens of America’s most innovative veterinarians and other experts. (Note: I am not a veterinarian. If your dog is ill, please consult a qualified professional).

My research culminated in a book –- Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care — winner of two national awards: the Ben Franklin Award for the Best Health Book of any kind and the USABookNews Award for Best Pet Health Book, and was a Finalist for the Dog Writers Association Best Health Book. Scared is recommended by the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Animal Wellness Magazine, the Animal Protection Institute and countless veterinarians. All author royalties benefit animal causes.

New!  Scared Poopless is now also a 611-page updated and expanded e-book with 260 color photos – an Amazon Bestseller! Read it on a tablets, computer or smartphone with the free Kindle app. All proceeds benefit dog causes.  Jan also has three websites dedicated to dog health: truth4pets.orgtruth4dogs.comdogs4dogs.com.

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Interested in vaccination? Visit my new not-for-profit website www.Truth4Pets.org and find a wealth of information about vaccination and vaccine reactions.

More about Jan. She:

  • Organized The Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar featuring world-renowned experts Jean Dodds, DVM and Ron Schultz, PhD
  • Raised $50,000 for the Rabies Challenge Fund and produced the Seminar DVD
  • Chosen as the U.S. Correspondent for the Pet Welfare Alliance — Join us! Help us change your dog’s world!
  • Wrote the vaccination article for the DrShowMore.org calendar,took the January 2012 photograph and helped edit the articles
  • In 2007, was appointed to the Advisory Council of the San Diego Union-Tribune’s pet care magazine: sdPets
  • Organized an educational fundraiser for the DrDoMore project
  • Has her articles republished in DogsNaturallyMagazine and on websites throughout the world

Important: None of my opinions are influenced by financial gain. I do not sell products for a living, but only to cover direct business expenses and to donate money to dog causes.

I have no ties to the pharmaceutical industry, the pet food industry or the veterinary establishment. My only obligations are to my family and friends and to dogs.