Small Dog Vaccine Study Results

Written by Jan on January 18, 2016 – 1:33 pm

comboshotThe results of the pilot study concerning the use of half doses for vaccinating small dogs, conducted by Jean Dodds, DVM, and supported by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation, has been published. The results are exciting for those of us with small breed dogs.

In short, Dr. Dodds is proving what she and many holistic veterinarians have known all along: Small breed dogs, that is, dogs under 12 pounds, receive the full results of vaccination with just a half dose of parvovirus and distemper vaccines. This is shown by vaccine titer (blood antibody) testing. (Read Titer Testing: A Crash Course on my all-vaccination website for more information.)

To quote Dr. Dodds: “As the presence of measurable canine distemper and parvovirus serum antibody titers reflect immunity to these viruses, and given that vaccines are known to cause adverse events, especially in smaller dogs, results of this study confirmed that receiving a half-dose of canine distemper/parvovirus vaccine was efficacious for this study cohort. Further investigations could address a larger number of smaller canines.”

This finding was made only for the important canine viruses: distemper and parvovirus. Unfortunately, it is not legal to administer a half dose of the rabies vaccine.

For more on the study, please read Dr. Dodds’s post. And click here for more on the dangers of vaccinating small dogs and cats.

Important: Dr. Dodds and world-renowned researcher Dr. Ron Schultz have long disagreed about the need to vaccinate with the hepatitis vaccine (the “H” in DHPP vaccines). Dr. Dodds wrote on her blog that she does “not recommend the adenovirus-2 vaccine for hepatitis because until just recently in some dogs from one litter, there have been no documented clinical cases of infectious canine hepatitis in North America for at least 15 years.”

Please tell your veterinarian about these important findings.  I’ll be writing more soon on new vaccination guidelines.


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12 Comments to “Small Dog Vaccine Study Results”

  1. Alivia Says:

    Great information and thank you for posting this.
    Just want to add, that this study was not even able to take into account all the delayed reactions, from vaccines, that can happen to our furbabies. (Which would make the statistics for the reverse reactions even worse.)

  2. Jan Says:

    Alivia, I completely agree. On top of that, it’s unlikely that most of the reactions were even recognized or noted. Conventional vets, like those at Banfield from where the data was taken, don’t recognize or admit to most reactions. How about cancer? Autoimmune disease? ….

  3. Anna Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Information like this can help us protect our smaller pups from unnecessary side effects due to using a greater dose than is needed. I look forward to more news on vaccination guidelines.

  4. Jan Says:

    Anna, I read your comment about the small dog vaccine study and thought you might like my other all-vaccination blog. Please click on the tabs and links near the top left of the page. Please pass the info around to help protect our sweet little dogs. Here’s my favorite post: Here’s another:

  5. Anna Says:

    Thanks, Jan! I will definitely check it out.

  6. Alexandra Says:

    Hi Jan,

    What a great post! And thanks for the links to related articles on this topic! Will check them out right now

  7. Paula Hughes Says:

    Thanks, Jan.
    Your article helped me make the right decision for my dog

  8. Shannon Lafountain Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful article.

  9. Kimberly Says:

    I wonder when these findings will be implemented to the regular treatment. It always takes so long…

  10. Jan Says:

    Kimberly, they still have to do more testing and actual vaccines have to be tested to make it commonplace. This just gives innovative vets some cover.

  11. Mayang Jacobs Says:

    Well Dr. Dodds is really a good and thanks for posting this article about vaccine.

  12. Jan Says:

    Mayang, you might also like and

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