Help End Over-Vaccination of Our Dogs and Cats

Written by Jan on August 8, 2012 – 11:32 am

Read these vaccination tragedies and learn why you’ll want to avoid unnecessary vaccination at all costs. Even one vaccine given to a dog or cat who didn’t need it is an unacceptable risk. That one vaccine has the potential to cause a vaccine-induced disease (VID), behavior change, disability or even death. Vaccine reactions aren’t just expensive emotionally; they can cost thousands of dollars. If you have a story to tell, please share it with us. We are banding together to end over-vaccination and educate the public and veterinarians about safer alternatives (like titer testing). Please sign our petition: Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats ( promises not to sell your e-mail address and it just takes a moment.)

Lori and Joseph Turner lost their beautiful three-year-old Bella (pictured on this petition) 12 days after Bella received six unnecessary annual vaccines. Five blood transfusions, three immunoglobulin transfusions and care from some of the best veterinarians in the country couldn’t save Bella. She died from Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA/AIHA), attributed to vaccination. Lori says: “We spent $12,000 trying to save Bella. If we had spent $70.00 for a titer test instead, I’d have my baby Bella right here in my lap right now.” Read more

Kitty Kat after amputation


Jena Gonzales’ beloved Kitty Kat developed Feline Injection-Site Sarcoma (FISS) from injections of rabies and leukemia vaccines, as confirmed by two biopsies. Kitty Kat’s entire leg was amputated in an attempt to save her, but she still died after much pain and $6800 in vet bills. FISS is so common that vets are advised to vaccinate cats low on their limbs so that the limbs can be amputated if cancer develops. Really. Read more




Judy Schor and her husband, Dr. Martin J. Schor MD FACS, had to retire their Agility Champion Peaches after she developed a painful and very dangerous skin disease: Rabies Vaccine Associated Ischemic Dermatopathy.  They spent $12,000 just to arrive at an “official diagnosis” from Dr. Matthew J. Ryan at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Now Peaches has cancer.  Read more...


Veterinarian Margo Roman vaccinated her own Standard Poodle Wailea with the legally-required rabies vaccine. One month later, Wailea had developed autoimmune liver disease and muscle wasting in her head. Biopsies and extensive lab work costing over $6,000 showed a vaccine reaction. Wailea passed away 15 months later after thousands of dollars of additional care. Wailea’s death helped inspire Dr. Roman’s charitable DrDoMore and DrShowMore Projects.



I (Jan Rasmusen, this blog’s author) have my own vaccine to tell. My precious year-old Jiggy developed autoimmune liver disease shortly after rabies vaccination and redundant “puppy shots.”  Now age 12, Jiggy is fighting both liver and bladder cancers.  Veterinarians link his autoimmune disease to vaccination – a known reaction according to AAHA Guidelines. For 11 years, Jiggy has received quarterly blood draws and vet checks plus six ultrasounds, countless consultations, a CT scan, 2 biopsies, a $7000 cancer surgery and every treatment imaginable. Jiggy’s illness was the inspiration for all my research and my book.



Aimee Davis lost her sweet Smokey after annual vaccination with parvovirus, leptospirosis and bordetella vaccines, plus a rabies vaccine given long before it was due.  Like Bella, Smokey developed IMHA but also immune thrombocytopenia.  As Smokey’s vet explained, the 95 pound German Shepherd had “the platelet and blood cell count of a sick Chihuahua.”  Smokey passed away this past week.  Read more

Many of the vaccines given these beloved pets could have been avoided by a simple blood test or increased information before vaccination. Their stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Read more about vaccine reactions, and find evidence-based vaccination information from experts, at our new not-for-profit website,  Join us, and join countless concerned veterinarians all over the country, in our quest to improve client and veterinary education to end this tragic hidden epidemic.

Don’t forget to sign our petition: Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats  And spread the word!

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32 Comments to “Help End Over-Vaccination of Our Dogs and Cats”

  1. SJ Says:

    My Maltese died at 4 years old from GME. I suspect it was triggered by a rabies vaccination administered in her neck, which produced a lump at the injection site. I will sign the petition.

  2. Jan Says:

    SJ, I’m so sorry. Sadly, I hear stories like yours all too often.

    Thanks so much for signing the petition. And please tell everyone you know. We have to make vets understand the damage they are doing.

    If you’d like to tell your story, please let us know.

  3. Barney Says:

    Hello.. there is so much to read and understand about what to do and what not to do. This confusion makes me ponder not getting another pup.. but the truth is I love pups to much for that to not occur.

    My question is simple, do I or should I get any vaccine for my next pup? Do I really even need a rabie shot?

  4. Jan Says:

    Barney, you should find the answers you need at And take the time to watch Dr. Schultz’s videos, especially the forth one near the end:// If you want something more conservative:

    Re rabies: it is required by law.

  5. Ann Says:

    My Keegan, a 7lb rescue Pom who was so healthy and loving, died suddenly 3 days after receiving DAPP, Leptospirosis, Bordetella and Lyme in a single visit. I so wish I had seen this site before the vaccinations were given. The vet did not recommend holding off on any vaccines or seperating into future visits. I am so devasted by this loss because it appears it could clearly have been prevented.

  6. Jan Says:

    Ann, I’m so sorry about Keegan. Please join our campaign against these tragedies. Please send us your story and a photo of Keegan to post at Let Keegan’s death help bring about change.

    Also, I hope you signed our petition at

    And please watch, share, like, rate and post on Facebook our new video on vaccine reactions. It’s less than 3 minutes long but I think it’s very powerful. I just posted it today. You’ll find the stories in this video sadly familiar.

    I wish I could do more for you. I lost my Jiggy last month to a vaccine-induced disease.

  7. Carlene Says:

    My 5lb Chichihua recieved the rabies vaccine. She developed nodule which went away on to reappear in 3 months. I took her back to the vet, who only suggested we watch the nodule and did not find anything to worry about. I did, so I took my little dog to anothe vet, who scheduled her for surgery to remove this nodule. By the time surgery was scheduled, she had a total of three. So we went ahead and had these removed. Appears the first one, where the rabbies vaccine was given turned into a deep infection which channeled to the other two sites on the same side. upon returning to have the stitches removed, there was anothe nodule on the left side in the exact area as the left. This also was scheduled for surgery and again, as before, there appeared two more areas, which also were removed. Upon taking her back to remove the stitiches, everything appearared ok. In 3 weeks time, another nodule appeared. by this time, I asked the vet to do a cultural and this came back as mercy. Long story short, I took her back to the orginal vet and we started her on injection for mercy. The same location has been very hard to clear up. The nodule came back, and a cultural came back as a bacterial infection. we treated that. The nodule remained, a drain was inserted along with antibotics. Nodule still remained only bigger. Surgery was preformed again. Biopsy showed Penniculits. Can this occur by a severe infection and should my dog ever receive another rabies vaccine. I am hopeful after these stitches come out that this is all, and she is finally well. Long year and half so far. The litte dog has suffered enough painful surgeries.This last one broke my heart. She is so little. I don’t want to give her anymore rabies vaccine. What can I do? Thanks, Carlen

  8. Jan Says:

    Carlene, what a story! You are calling the infection mercy. Do you mean maybe MRSA (pronouncer mersa). It’s a very difficult to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria. Very dangerous. Dangerous to you as well. Has your vet reported this to the health department. If it’s MRSA, you must report it. Demand they get to the source. If it came from the clinic, they should pay all your vet bills and then some.

    Have you reported this to the drug maker?

    Okay, why did your dog get this from a vaccination? It’s urgent that you find out. What did the vet say? And who is paying for all this? I would demand that someone pay. Here’s how to report reactions.

    Regarding vaccinating again — I would move heaven and earth not to. In our index you’ll find an article about eliminating unnecessary shots and getting an exemption for rabies vaccination. Let me know what else you need help with to get an exemption. Above all make sure you get a copy of your dog’s file. You’re going to need it.

    Have you seen our new video on pet vaccine reactions? And our new all-vaccination-info website? And have you signed our petition asking the veterinary community to stop enabling over-vaccination? I really hope you will. And please tell others!

  9. Barb Says:

    I just found out today that my 8 yr old cat is in liver failure. She stopped eating right after getting her annual vaccinations, but the vet says it isn’t related. I find it very hard to believe this because my cat was healthy before the shots and she also had a check up and the vet said she was in perfect health. How else, if not the vaccinations, could this liver failure have happened so suddenly? I’m looking at possibly putting down a member of my family because I may not be able to scrap up the hundreds of dollars for the liver failure treatment. I have failed my pet. She doesn’t deserve to die like this.

  10. Jan Says:

    Barb, your vet is either behind the times or out for more money, or both. Annual vaccinations are not only not necessary but can be harmful. For more information, please visit http/

    Of course the reaction can be caused by vaccination but vets prefer not to admit it.

    I’m so sorry for your predicament. Know, however, that if the same vet that gave the shots is the one saying your cat’s condition is hopeless, you should get another opinion. Your vet may not know how to treat your cat.

  11. The scariest moment of my life. - Maltese Dogs Forum : Spoiled Maltese Forums Says:

    […] depending on your state. Over-Vaccination – Dog Owners Beware – Whole Dog Journal Article Help Stop Vaccine-Induced Illness in Dogs and Cats | Truth4Dogs __________________ […]

  12. Ashley J. Says:

    My daughter was having symptoms of Autism, and they worsened noticably after every shot. Finally I caught on and decided “this is the last one!” but it was too late. Shortly after we switched doctors and she was immediatly tested and diagnosed with Autism.

    If I could, I wouldn’t vaccinate my animals at all, I would stop completely like I did with my children. But it’s the law that they get certain ones. Does anyone have a list of vaccines that the dogs should get, so I can stop all the others?

  13. Abby Says:

    Reading these stories is so upsetting! My 5-year-old cat got his three-year rabies and annual distemper booster a little over a month ago. He stopped eating a week ago and has been very lethargic. I took him to the vet and she found nothing outwardly wrong with him, then did blood work. I will not know the results until tomorrow. I immediately questioned if this was due to the vaccines, but she denied this, saying that he would have had a reaction a lot sooner, and not a month later. Meanwhile, he started having periodic seizures when he was 2. I am wondering if there is a correlation between this and the vaccines. I certainly will stop this nonsense. I just pray that he survives this.

  14. Jan Says:

    Abby, vets don’t ever want to believe that vaccines cause health problems. Reactions can happen immediately or six weeks or more later. Cancer can develop much later than that.

    Here’s a great article on cat vaccination.

    One more thing: not all states require rabies vaccination for cats. Check and see if yours does. Vets don’t always know.

  15. mary Says:

    i agree my cat got very sick after her vaccine.blood work showed her red blood cells count was very bad and shes anemic,doing really bad right now,shes on antibotics and seroids.shes only 7yrs this isn’t right

  16. Jan Says:

    Mary, look into homeopathy for treatment. Check out the referral lists at Good luck.

  17. Anna Says:

    I signed this petition for my cat “Sweetie” who died within 48 hours of vaccines.

  18. Fran Zambs Says:

    We have a part lab that was in excellent condition when we rescued her, we took her to have all of her shots they said she needed, now she chews on her leg so bad our Vet said if she didn’t stop chewing, she would have to put her to sleep
    She also became very tempermental with her sister. I feel the shots they give them every year has done this to her She has to take diaziapam twice a day, an antibiotic and Itopia. This should not be allowed.

  19. Jan Says:

    Fran, it sounds like your vet gave way to many vaccines at once and it has thrown off your dog’s immune system. Find out exactly what shots the dog got. Report the reaction to the manufacturer of the drug. Ask for help.

    Fire your vet. What kind of vet tranquilizes a dog instead of treating the vaccine reaction? What kind of vet vaccinates every year when no veterinary organization recommends it? What kind of vet even considers killing a dog just because they don’t know how to treat her? In my book, only an incompetent, greedy vet would do this. What do you think?

    Find a holistic vet. Your dog won’t recover until she is treated for the reaction. Behavior changes and allergies are well-known, common reactions. If you can’t afford to see another vet, do a phone consult.

    Please read this:

  20. Jan Says:

    Fran, and tell the rescue group they’re probably recommending too many shots.

  21. Jan Says:

    Fran, I just noticed that you said your dog was getting antibiotics and “Itopia.” Why would the vet give her antibiotics? And what is Itopia?

  22. Sue Baklarz Says:

    I lost by 8 yo wire fox terrier about 13 weeks after he had received Bordetella and leptospirosis vaccine. I had asked for the Bordetella as we were possibly having to board him. He was given the Lepto without my knowledge. 5 weeks after the vaccines, he was diagnosed with immune mediated thrombocytopenia. After high dose Prednizone, Azothiaprine and a short course of Atopica which caused him to completely lose his appetite/GI upset/diarrhea he continued to go down hill. He then developed an abscess on an inner leg and platelet count had gone down after all that he had been through. After the horrible ordeal he went through, with probably at least another 4-6 years left in a perfectly healthy dog that had absolutely no other medical problems. Also, the heart ache to all of us and a nice $2500 bill. At the time of the vaccines, he told my husband, “Fenster’s in great shape!” I am taking this as far as I can go as he DID NOT FOLLOW the AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines. I will tell EVERYONE I know. I wish I had known about the dangers of canine vaccines…I am a woman on a Mission!

  23. howard berkowitz Says:

    I found a new vet very up to date on all factions of medicine for our pets..when we first met he said, we do not have to give our great danes shots but every 3 years..I was taken a back at first till he explained we are killing our loved ones by over innoculating them every year…do your homework and find the truth..

  24. Jan Says:

    Howard, you wrote about your vet: “when we first met he said, we do not have to give our great danes shots but every 3 years.” That makes him a cut above a lot of vets, but still a bit behind the times. The American Animal Hospital Association is the organization that started the every-three-years idea, but the AAHA report actually said NO MORE OFTEN than every three years. Do you get your own childhood shots every three years? Why would you? Why should your dog?

    Please read this: It will tell you what you need to know and offer links to supporting studies. Also check out the videos on the website, particular the set of 4 in which Dr. Becker interviews Dr. Schultz.

  25. Ray Zanoli Says:

    My cat was being treated for thyroid disease when her rabies shot was due, the vet gave it to her and the next day my cat was dead.The day before the shot she was doing well, then after the shot she got real weak, stopped eating and drinking. She went down hill at a record pace….It was awful to see her go like that.

    Never trust a vet again……….

  26. Jan Says:

    Ray, I’m so sorry for your loss. When you’re up to it, please report what happened to the manufacturer and ask for reimbursement. The manufacturer will have to report the death to the USDA.

    Most states don’t require rabies vaccination for cats. Are you sure yours does?

  27. Lisa wood Says:

    I had 10 beautiful registered 6 week old blue championship bloodline (energetic, playful) puppies, three days ago I gave them their recommended vaccinations (canine spectra 6) within hours they became deathly ill, stopped eating and drinking, they started having white severe diarrhea, and vommiting , I’ve been pushing fluids through a syringe, today, they can’t move or even swallow,, they are foaming out of the mouth, I started them on iv fluids, praying for a miracle…..

  28. Jan Says:

    Lisa, that’s so sad. The dogs were too young to be vaccinated and way too many vaccines were given at once — most of them likely unnecessary. Whoever gave you the information was ignorant and dangerous. The pups need emergency treatment. They are having an allergic reaction. Get the dogs to vet for help immediately!!!

    If any of the puppies survive, write back for how to proceed with vaccinations. And read this:

  29. Sue Says:

    All vaccination is over vaccination. 35 years of research has convinced me that vaccines are nothing but pure POISON. There are ways to keep yourself, your children, and your animals healthy, and none of them include injecting POISON. Read Natural Immunity by Pat McKay. It is available to read free online.

  30. John Roberts Says:

    Rabies is a vaccination one cannot ignore. Small animals can get into the house and be caught and eaten by cats and even dogs. Once pets begin to show symptoms, animal owners might be exposed to the disease and for all intents and purposes it is fatal.

    This vaccination is a necessary evil. Feline leukemia also is a vaccination cat owners should consider. Then that’s it. Vets will often over-vaccinate just to put money in their pockets and some animals and even people will die from vaccinations.

    Consider, too, getting a water distiller from Amazon for about $70 and giving your animals unfluoridated water with no other additives. For those animals with liver problems, buy milk thistle and B12 from Amazon and combine them. Then give your pet between 8 and 20 drops depending on their weight. We kept our cat alive for well over a year after we got his death warrant from our vet. Watch the dosage, though.



  31. Len Claus Says:

    We lost our 3.5 yr old dog to IMHA Christmas day (2018) She got her yearly booster Nov 22 and Dec 22 she became lethargic, thirsty, would not eat and had blood in her urine.

    We rushed her to the OVC, had 3 blood transfusions, numerous drugs. Nothing worked. Seeing her laying in ICU was heart wrenching. I knew nothing about IMHA before hand and had never heard of a titer test. I feel so guilty, she was only 3.5 for gods sake. Please, every one here keep pushing for change.

    She was the sweetest little girl ever. Her name was “Liberty”

  32. Jan Says:

    John, very few, if any, small animals carry rabies. Really, it’s only bats. And very few are rabid. Check your state stats to see when the last rabid animal was discovered.

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