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Thanks for your interest in the Dogs4Dogs Affiliate Program. This program allows you to make money for your business or organization without buying anything.  All you do is promote our product(s) on your website or by e-newsletter or e-mail promotion. We provide you with an exclusive link to our website. When your customers or supporters click on this link and buy our product(s), you get a generous commission. It's as easy as that!  We do the order-taking and shipping. You cash the checks.

Common Questions and Answers

How much can we make? The amount you earn is directly related to the amount of promotion you do and/or the prominence of the product on your website. A link that goes unnoticed or doesn't peak a visitor's interest won't bring you, or us, any money.

Commissions for nonprofits are 20% for our book and 45% for our audios.*
Commissions for profit-making companies are 15% for our book and 35% for our audios.*

Who is eligible to become an affiliate? Principals of any 501C nonprofit corporation or any animal-related business may apply. (Sorry, but you may not become an affiliate just to buy books or CDs for yourself, friends, or associates. We offer generous quantity discounts for that purpose.)

There's no expenditure at all? Only the cost for putting the information on your website if you have to pay someone to do that. Even then, the time spent will be minimal.

How do we get photos and "blurbs" to promote the products?  We'll send you everything you need. If you need help customizing them, we're there to help.

How do we get paid? You'll be paid by check, direct deposit or PayPal.  We pay once per month when $20 or more is due you.

How do we know when sales are made? You may log into your personal account at any time and check on money owed you. Amounts are calculated automatically by our shopping cart.

How do I sign up? Just click here and fill out the short form. We'll get back to you shortly with details. Filling out the form obligates you in no way nor does it obligate us.

If you have any questions, please write us at or call us at 858-755-8820
(8 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time). Wholesale buyers please click here if you're also interested in buying books at our low wholesale prices. Nonprofits please click here for our super-wholesale nonprofit price and other fundraising ideas.

Commission percentages are subject to change.


Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care
by Jan Rasmusen and Chiclet T. Dog

WINNER, Ben Franklin Award for the Best Health Book of any kind
WINNER, USABookNews Award for the Best Pet Health Book
Finalist: Dog Writers Association of America: Best Care and Health Book

Recommended by The Animal Protection Institute, Animal Wellness Magazine, and
Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

For reviews and testimonials, visit our Testimonial page.

Books currently retail on our website for $22.97 for a quantity of 1. Further quantities are discounted.

*Shipping costs, taxes and the surcharge for CDs (rather than audio links) are excluded. We're sorry, but we we offer international organizations no affiliate links for our book due to the high cost of shipping.)



How NOT to Kill Your Dog or Cat: nutrition audio recordings

Recording #1: Truth, Lies and Pet Food
Recording #2: Diet, Disease and Longevity
Recording #3: From Mere Survival to Glowing Health

To help the guardians of dogs and cats feed their animals safely and help them achieve maximum health, Scared Poopless author Jan Rasmusen interviewed top pet food and pet nutrition expert Dr. Jean Hofve, former Editor-in-Chief of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Journal and former AAFCO liason for The Animal Protection Institute. Learn more about these recordings at

Audio links sell for $15 each or $35 for the series of three. There is a small surcharge if CDs are mailed that does not qualify for affiliate commission.

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