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Scared Poopless:
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About Jan Rasmusen

Jan Rasmusen is the tall half of the Dog/Rasmusen writing team. After her dog Jiggy (above right) was diagnosed with immune-mediated hepatitis, a life-threatening liver disease, Jan began what is now ten years of research and interviews with top veterinarians and other experts.

Interview subjects were selected for expertise in various disciplines. For example, for her vaccination chapters, she interviewed the chairperson and several respected members of the American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccine Taskforce, plus the country's most-quoted veterinarian vaccine researchers and holistic medicine activists and her dogs' own vets. She insisted on multiple points of view to help readers reach their own conclusions. The research began as a way to help her own dogs but grew into much more.

Early on in the process, Jan decided to give all author royalties--at minimum--to animal causes. This includes cash donations plus free or deeply discounted books to non-profit shelters, spay/neuter groups and breed rescues. 

Writing Scared Poopless changed Jan's life. She has since: 

Conceived and hosted the 2010 Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar offering veterinarians six continuing education credits and raising more than $50,000 to study rabies vaccine immunity. (More adverse reactions are reported to the USDA for the rabies vaccine than for any other.)

Set up four canine health websites: Truth4Pets.org (vaccination for dogs and cats), Truth4Dogs.com, Dogs4Dogs.com, Blog4Dogs.com

Twice worked with prominent veterinarian Dr. W. Jean Dodds to protect California dogs from dangerous legislation.

Wrote articles that have been posted and re-posted by online dog health magazines and on websites worldwide.

Co-founded the Pet Vaccine Reactions page on Facebook.

Made numerous YouTube videos, found on her K9Author channel.

Made a series of canine nutrition recordings called "How Not to Kill Your Dog or Cat" with well-known veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve.

Served on the Advisory Council of the San Diego Union-Tribune’s pet care magazine: sdPets

Jan is a consumer advocate for people who love dogs. Let her help you help your dog stay healthy. 

About Chiclet   Chiclet The Dog is a spayed eleven-year-old Maltese female tipping the scales (after eating) at a whopping four pounds. A real crowd pleaser, Chiclet loves appearing on television and at book signings and other gatherings where people can tell her how cute she is. She adores performing tricks, her best being her dead-on impression of Marilyn Monroe.  

Chiclet was four when she took up writing. She lives for tummy rubs. When not too busy, she will "pencil you in" for a hug.  

About Jiggy  Jiggy is a neutered male Maltese weighing almost nine pounds. Born on St. Patrick's day, he is two months older than Chiclet. The dogs share the same grandfather and love each other dearly.

Sometimes when they play, Jiggy tries to make himself as small and low to the floor as possible so Chiclet won't feel overwhelmed by his size. Other times, he drags her around by the tail, something (inexplicably) she doesn't seem to mind.  She'll even taunt him until he does it.  

Jiggy has medical files four inches thick at numerous clinics all over the country. Holistic care has kept him happy and energetic. He is a wonderful patient and a great friend.




This is Jiggy "flying."

No dog was harmed or even stressed during our photographic sessions, although they frequently appeared bored. Keeping them awake and interested required tubs of steamed broccoli, green beans and carrots -- and promises were made. I won't divulge the specifics, but suffice it to say that tummy tickles, longer walks and TV-remote privileges were involveded.

The two beautiful children in the book, Kai and Sophia, participated voluntarily, thinking the whole thing was a big game. Their mother, our friend Karyn, was always present.

People often ask how the photographer got the terrific cover photo of Jiggy looking, well, scared poopless. (Hence the title.) Jan will only say that contrary to what one TV host suggested, Jan did not drop him from a two-story building. Nor from any height at all. No fan or glue was used. The photograph was altered only to remove one weirdly placed foot that appeared to be growing out of his belly. Suffice it to say that Jiggy was having fun.

A few photos—like the one opening the vaccination chapter--were indeed "faked" usingPhotoshop. Chiclet wasn't even in the same city as the rest of the photo elements. It's a tribute to our photographer Scott Minor's genius.

The gator confronting Chiclet in our "Not-So-Great Outdoors" chapter had long ago gone off to that happy golf course lake in the sky. All the cars in the chapter "Auto Anxiety" were parked; action was faked by blurring the cars in Photoshop. A large fan blew dogs' hair.

The black backgrounds in the photos of Chiclet and Jiggy were achieved using a black velour blanket lifted from the bed.

Scott Miner took most of the best shots of Chiclet and Jiggy, although Jan took some, including the shots of the dogs recuperating from their surgeries and the one of Chiclet "doing Karate." The ideas for some of the photos which might be best described as "out there" were mostly the product of Jan's warped mind, although Scott had plenty of dark moments, too!

The new e-book contains 260 photos of every conceivable breed. And manipulated them to fit the narrative. Many were donated by friends and fellow dog care advocates.


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