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Jan Rasmusen

Author / Speaker / Consumer Advocate for Dog Lovers

Potential Interview Questions for Radio and TV Interviews

Introduction / Credibility  

  • What made you write this book?

  • Do we really need another book on dog care?

  • You’re not a veterinarian.  Why should we take your advice?

  • What ever made you call it Scared Poopless?  

  • What made you write the book from a dog’s point of view?

  • You have a lot of big name veterinarians listed as your expert sources. How did you get them to talk to you?

  • You give your author royalties to animal causes. Why?

  • What breed of dog are your co-author Chiclet and "coverboy" Jiggy?


  • Veterinarians must really hate your book. I would think you’re costing them a lot of money.

  • You warn against most annual vaccinations. Aren’t you afraid that your dogs will catch some terrible disease?

  • Does a Great Dane dog really get the same dose of vaccine that a Chihuahua puppy gets? 

  • Most of us have heard that “people food” is terrible for dogs. It isn’t?

  • You warn against some odd things: leftover steak, rawhide chews, “pet meds” and kibble. Why is that?

  • What is the "soft cruelty" of ignorance?

  • What do you think of celebrities and others who use dogs as fashion accessories?

  • Do we spend too much on our pets?

Changing Lives

  • What's the easiest way to increase your dog’s lifespan? 

  • What’s the mistake people make in caring for their dogs?

  • What steps should someone take to find a healthy puppy?

  • How can pet lovers best plan for their pets' safety during disasters?

Dog Care Topics in the News

  • Celebrities and their dogs

  • Puppy Mills – cruel mass breeding operations

  • Puppy smugglers

  • Dogs in disaster areas

  • Increasing amount of money spent on pets: more than 36 billion dollars in 2005

  • Breed “profiling” – discrimination against pit bulls and other “vicious” dogs

  • Mass killing of dogs in China because of rabies outbreak

  • Missing dogs

  • Dogs that can detect diseases

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