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Fall 2009

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Halloween Safety Tips
Special Risks When Vaccinating Small and Medium-Sized Dogs
Protecting Dogs from Vaccine Reactions
Products I Use You May Not Know About
Combination Shots for Dogs: Weapons of Over-Vaccination
San Diego Pet Vaccination Seminar March 28, 2010
Attention Cat Lovers: A Great New Book
Important Swine Flu Video and Article
Does Your Dog Have Star Quality?
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Happy Halloween!
Hi, again! It's Chiclet T. Dog, world's smallest (and most adorable) national award-winning author (of Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care). I'm writing to you from a patch of miniature pumpkins. You probably didn't recognize me at first because I'm so cleverly disguised as a sorceress. Girl dogs can be sooooooooo tricky!
Below you'll find links to all sorts of important info, including articles from our
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Important Heartworm Info: If you live in a place with continuously chilly winters, you may be flushing away money, and needlessly adding to your dog's toxic load, by continuing to use heartworm meds during the winter. Heartworm development depends on warm weather. Read Heartworm Meds: Truth, Omission and Profits.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be a very dangerous and stressful time for us critters. Here are my annual seven favorite ways to help protect dogs and cats from ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. Please forward them to friends so everyone can stay safe. 
     Tip 1)    Check Out Costumes.  Some dogs (and a few cats) enjoy playing dress-up, but many others are devout nudists. Remember: fun for you can be misery for us. If you do insist we play dress-up, ensure that fabrics are fire-retardant, non-toxic and free of anything your sweetie can chew off and swallow. Even a pompom can prove deadly when lodged in the throat or intestines. Make certain, too, that costumes are comfortable, don't chafe, and won't obstruct vision or cause your little darling to panic and run.
      Tip 2)    
No Candy for Fido and Fluffy!
  Secure Trick-or-Treat bowls of candy out of the reach of pets, and don't allow pets to play near kids picking through Halloween bounty -- especially if it's spread out on the floor. Chocolate, treats sweetened with the artificial sweetener Xylitol and even grapes, raisins and apple seeds can be toxic—even deadly. And too much sugar is as harmful to pets as it is for kids. If accidental poisoning occurs, contact your vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center or (888) 426-4435.
      Tip 3)    
Prevent Runaways.  While you're handing out goodies, cats and dogs can dart out the door and become injured or lost. Secure all pets carefully before festivities begin. Since clever animals may escape despite your best efforts, get them a microchip or tattoo and current tags. For added safety, engrave tags with a cell phone number and the word "Reward" instead of the pet's name. 
      Tip 4)    
Watch Out for Pranksters.  Leave nervous and aggressive pets at home, and bring "outside" pets indoors to prevent mayhem and theft. Carousing demons may enjoy painting your cat black or mummy-wrapping your dog, and your tormented or injured pet may bite back (hello lawsuit!) or dash into the street and under the wheels of a passing car.
      Tip 5)    
Outshine the Dark
.  If Fido tags along for Trick-or-Treat fun, make him easily visible with a dog-safe light or strobe or reflective tape attached to his collar. Better yet, try a reflective vest. Find a good selection on-line
      Tip 6)    
Beware Deadly Decorations.  Candles, even inside a pumpkin, can attract a curious pet and cause painful burns or wax spills. Be especially wary if your dog or cat plays lookout at the window near a lit Jack O'Lantern. Also beware decorations that may prove toxic or scary. Those fake spider webs can be especially dangerous if swallowed.
      Tip 7)    
Outsmart Stress.  Scary sights and sounds, and strangers at your door, can stress out any pet. Take the edge off with a few drops of a calming flower essence (like Bach's Rescue Remedy) from your health food store. Better yet, check out Stress Stopper, a product developed for animals by a holistic veterinarian.  

Whether the festivities are a trick or a treat for us pets, and by extension for our families, is largely up to you and the steps you take before and after the fun begins.  



Special Risks When Vaccinating Small and Medium-Sized Dogs

At last, a smoking gun … pointing directly at Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Maltese, Yorkies and other small dogs … in fact, pointed at all dogs receiving multiple vaccines during one clinic visit.

Many scientific studies and taskforce reports have altered my view of vaccination over the years, but none have stunned me as much as “Adverse events diagnosed within three days of vaccine administration in dogs” by Drs. Moore, Guptill, Ward, et al. This two-year study of vaccine reactions (from data gathered at 360 Banfield clinics in 2002 and 2003) concluded:
“Young adult small-breed neutered dogs that received multiple vaccines per office visit were at greatest risk of a VAAE [Vaccine Associated Adverse Event] within 72 hours after vaccination.”
And that’s not all the report revealed. Click the link to learn more about the vaccination dangers faced by small and medium-sized dogs.

A Brief Word from Our Sponsor

Looking for a great holiday gift for your dog ... or a friend ... or your pet's caregivers (vets? groomers? day care providers?). 
I wrote a great book: Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care -- National Winner, Ben Franklin Award for the Best Health Book of any kind; National Winner, USABookNews Award for the Best Animal/Pets Health Book and National Finalist, Dog Writers Association Best Health Care Book.    Scared P has 90 stunning color photos, witty musings, plus priceless health and safety information you won't find elsewhere. I'll pawtograph, and Mom will inscribe and sign copies, at no extra charge. All proceeds above direct costs benefit animal causes.  

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Scared P + Nutrition Recordings + DrDoMore DVD: Margo Roman, holistic veterinarian, interviewed (in her 35-minute DVD) well-known holistic vets talking about the need for changes in pet care -- Drs. Richard Pitcairn, Jean Dodds, Ron Schultz, Steven Blake, Allen Schoen, Marty Goldstein and many others.  It's an educational and heartwarming film that makes a thoughtful gift. The tax deductible proceeds benefit Dr. Roman's Center for Integrative Veterinary Care. Buy DrDoMore with our book for $38.97 (regularly $44.42) or buy DrDoMore with our book and all three recordings for $68.97 and get free shipping! 
Buy now and avoid the holiday rush. Use the code 248831 when checking out of our shopping cart to get an extra 10% discount on ALL our products until Dec. 18. This is in addition to our regular quantity discounts. (One book would be only $20.67; three books, just $17.06 each.) 

Protecting Dogs from Vaccine Reactions

Unless a vaccine reaction is strong and immediate, most people – and a shocking number of vets – don’t connect a new or worsened health problem to a shot, let alone report the reaction. The 2007 World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Vaccination Guidelines say there is “gross under-reporting of vaccine-associated adverse events which impedes knowledge of the ongoing safety of these products.”  Former FDA head, Dr. David Kessler, says “only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA.”  
How prevalent are vaccine reactions?
In 2007, approximately 6500 reactions were reported for the canine rabies vaccine alone. If as suggested only 1% of reactions were reported, approximately 650,000 reactions likely occurred.  And there are still more than a dozen other vaccines causing reactions. Click the link to learn what you can do to avoid vaccine reactions.

Products I Use You May Not Know About

Here are some products we like that we thought you might want to learn about. We profit from them in no way.
An acquaintance of Mom's recently sent me and Jiggy several new harness/leash combinations to try -- under no obligation to write about them. They're comfortable, easy to step into, and they're made from recycled designer scrap leather. We're BIG into green! 
We have a set in red faux crocodile and another in smooth teal leather. They're lined with soft suede. The prices are good and you can even get special colors. They also have collars (although harnesses are much better for the health of small dogs like me).    
Does your dog suffer from ear infections?  Try Zymox Optic. Our vet and Mom love it. For acute infection, we use the kind with 1% hydrocortisone for a week or less. It usually cures things really quickly. It also works on lots of skin infections. Jiggy had a weird crusty thing on his nose that dropped off after one application.  A friend whose dog Spirit had chronic ear infections calls it a miracle.
For prevention of ear problems and mild infections, use Zymox without cortisone periodically. Try it a few days after a bath to keep ears healthy. If problems keep recurring, check your dog's diet for allergic components. And try adding probiotics. Learn more about probiotic use at the bottom of my Tear Stain page. (Also see IgG below.)
The same company that makes Zymox also makes excellent products for dental health called Biotene. Tell your vet. Most of them don't know about these terrific products.
One of our favorite products for improving health is's IgG 2000 DF.  It's immunoglobulin supplementation -- kind of like super collostrum. Mom takes it and so do we. It's great for intestinal health and boosting the immune system. Two MD's, a vet and a chiropractor recommended it to Mom. Buy it through medical practitioners or find it on-line. We buy it in a big canister, but you can also get capsules. 
Our favorite treats are All Natural Turkey Bits. They're "all turkey, humanely raised on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics or added hormones."  Available in a tiny size, they're great for petite dogs like me and also make great training treats for big guys. We particularly like that they don't contain by-products or digest, that they're free of common allergens like wheat, soy and corn, and they're not fattening. How good is that?

Combination Shots for Dogs: Weapons of Over-Vaccination

Learn what's in that combination shot ... and you won't ever want to give it again. Combo shots (known by names like DHLPPC and DA2PP) are one of the greatest dangers to your dog's health. Click this link to learn more about combination shots.

San Diego Pet Vaccination Seminar March 28, 2010

Spend a day learning how to vaccinate your pet safely and avoid vaccine adverse reactions from the top experts in the world, Drs. Jean Dodds and Ron Schultz. Ask questions during our Q & A session and enjoy a light breakfast and lunch. 
Concerned pet owners and pet care professionals are encouraged to attend.  Vets and vet tech may expect to earn continuing education credits. (Details on this later.)  Seating is limited.
My Mom, Jan Rasmusen, is hosting this seminar.  The Honest Kitchen, makers of terrific human grade dehydrated dog and cat food, has already offered to help us. Other members of the San Diego holistic health community will be present as well.
All proceeds, minus direct cost, will benefit the nonprofit Rabies Challenge Fund. This all-volunteer group of scientists is working to prove that the rabies vaccine, one of the most dangerous vaccines for pets, should be given every 5 years (instead of 3); after that, they will endeavor to extend it to every 7 years The two speakers for this event voluntter their time, and their staff's time, to this study..This project is completely funded by donations from concerned pet owners like you.
Group Discounts: Pet groups and organizations may qualify for a discount on multiple tickets. Write us for details.

To learn more or to volunteer to help us or to donate products or services for our auction and raffle, please sign up here. Please, we need your help. Thanks to those of you who have already volunteered.

Can't attend?
Please give what you can to the
Rabies Challenge Fund. It will help improve the health of every dog in America! 

Attention Cat Lovers: A Great New Book

Holistic Cat Care
by Celeste Yarnall & Jean Hofve DVM


Since Mom and I published our dog book, Scared Poopless, we've been pestered by cat people. It's always, “Do you have anything for cats?” Like I'm supposed to even know what a cat is. 
Mom always sends these people to Dr. Jean Hofve's website She has amazing articles and a great newsletter there. Finally, she has co-authored the book you cat people have been waiting for! It's an incredible collaboration of two of the most cat-knowledgeable people on the planet. Dr. Yarnall shares her long experience with species-appropriate raw feeding, and Dr. Jean lends her expertise in flower essence therapy and other holistic veterinary modalities.
Knowing what a stickler for accuracy Dr. Jean is, there’s no doubt that every word has been thoroughly researched; so this would also be a great resource for veterinarians and other health professionals who are interested in holistic feline medicine. This book's packed with great information and tips only a vet and fanatical cat lover would know. It's also beautiful and packed with tons of fabulous photos. The charts and appendices provide information Mom has never seen anywhere else.
This book truly covers the cat cradle to rainbow bridge, with cutting-edge information on holistic health and anti-aging secrets that will enable guardians to give their cats a long and extraordinarily healthy life from beginning to end. It should be required reading for all cat lovers!
We hope you'll buy Holistic Cat Care and then maybe tell me what the heck a cat is.
Important Swine Flu Video and Article


Mom and I rarely comment on health care for Humans. Dogs are our thing. That said, we urge you to watch this swine flu vaccine video from Here's also a link to an article about swine flu reactions.  What happens with Human vaccination echoes how pet vaccination and reactions are handled. 
If you haven't already done so, we also urge you to read our article about the new Dog Flu Vaccine.

Metal Implants in TPLO Surgery for Torn Cruciate Ligaments


Deborah Kazsimer says: TPLO is an expensive knee surgery for torn cruciate ligaments in dogs. A few years back, the metal implants used were not medical grade. The metal corroded much quicker than medical grade metal. This corrosion led to osteosarcoma in a number of dogs..... including two of mine: Trouble (pictured right) and Fly (left). If you are aware of others whose dogs have suffered the same demise, please, please contact me. We are trying to get a class action lawsuit.
(Note: Jan and Chiclet are not involved. Please contact Deborah.)
Does Your Dog Have Star Quality?

We're running low on books and will need to reprint Scared Poopless in the next 6 months or so. We'd love to include your dog's photo.

We're looking for star quality: something impossibly cute or exciting or odd. Showing emotions -- good or bad -- is great. We need excellent clarity and a fairly plain background (although we can Photoshop away a stray foot or person and improve red eye and lighting). Minimum quality is 300 dpi. 
We can't pay you -- all our proceeds (minus direct expenses) go to animal causes -- but your dog can be part of the movement to improve dog care. Your dog will also be seen by thousands of people and we'll thank you in our credits. If you're interested, write us. Put "photo" in the subject line and attach a jpeg(s). You must own rights to the photo.
What's Up Next?

Know what's happening next? Me, neither. Every time we think we're heading down one path (like finally finishing our article on Tear Stains), then we get pulled down another. It's kind of like when headstrong dogs take their parents for a walk.
We really hope you'll read our blog articles. They have so much information information for my fellow dogs -- on vaccination, heartworms, nutrition and more. Mom writes this stuff instead of playing with us, so the least you can do is read it!
Please leave comments or ask questions on your blog. We'll try to answer you. And tell your friends about us!
Okay, that's it. Thanks for visiting with me. Until the next time ....
Love and Licks
Chiclet T. Dog


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