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 "Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care” 

review by Joy Ward, author of Haint

Dogster's for the Love of Dogs Blog    11/11/06


This is a MUST HAVE for every dog lover! No kidding! Really, really!

I’ve been around dogs and dog breeding for nigh on forty years and I learned a lot from Scared Poopless! This book is jam-packed with information that could make your dogs’ lives better, if not save them!

Some of the subjects addressed are vaccines, how to prevent preventable problems, food, surgery and much more. Whether you’ve been around dogs all your life or you have just brought home your first furbaby, this is your book!

Scared Poopless is told by two voices, the darling yet smart-alecky Chiclet T. Dog and her human, Jan Rasmusen. Dog and Rasmusen have put together an extremely informative book that is still entertaining. How often is it that you find yourself reading a top-flight informational book (which Scared Poopless is) to someone else across a lunch table and laughing heartily at the humorous comments? Not often, I guess. But Scared Poopless is just that sort of book! Smart and Funny!

And did I mention the photography? Also funny and smart!

So who should have Scared Poopless? Every dog owner or person who interacts with dogs on a regular basis! I even had one long-time breeder look over the book and she said if she were still breeding she would order a bunch of copies and give one to each person who bought one of her puppies. It's that good!


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