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Scared Poopless: Table of Contents

  • WELCOME! A dog speaks out (finally!) on the health and safety crises facing her species. (Read this introduction.)
  • WHAT I KNOW THAT YOU DON'T - Take the Dog Quotient Quiz; learn why dogs fake being well.
  • RETHINKING VACCINATION - The latest research and recommendations; how to avoid vaccine-related health problems; how and why experts vaccinate or don't vaccinate; puppy vaccination schedules.
  • FOOD TO DIE FOR - The influence of nutrition on dog health; what really goes into commercial dog foods; how to evaluate your dog's food. (Read an excerpt.)
  • FOOD TO LIVE FOR - Improving your dog's diet; selecting and augmenting processed foods; home cooking; raw diets; all about bones; healthful snacks.
  • STOP PEST-ERING ME - How to safely deal with heartworms, fleas and other parasites.
  • DEATH BY TEETH - Why dental health is important; easy home care options; what to look for in a dental check-up and cleaning; how to evaluate non-anesthetic cleaning services.
  • WHY WE WON'T HAVE SEX - Health and safety reasons for spaying and neutering; overpopulation problems; common myths.
  • PREVENTING THE PREVENTABLE - Why annual checkups and blood work are necessary; finding and evaluating vets; dealing with obesity; natural substances to improve health and boost immunity; avoiding accidental poisoning; why alleviating canine stress is important.
  • COMBATING MAJOR MEDICAL - Options for treating cancer, heart disease and surgery.
  • ANESTHESIA ANXIETY - What you need to know about anesthesia and anesthetists
  • SURGERY IS A PAIN - Questions to ask; preparations to make; post-op care; avoiding common mistakes.
  • EMERGENCY EMERGENCY - Handling medical emergencies.
  • HOME ALONE - Strategies for keeping your dog safe and happy when you're gone.
  • DISAPPEARING DOGS - Preventing loss and theft; identification methods; the problem with microchips; recovery methods.
  • CAR TROUBLE - Why your dog needs to be secured in a car and how to do it properly; what to keep in your car to keep your dog safe.
  • THE NOT-SO-GREAT OUTDOORS - Keeping your dog safe from predators, aggressive dogs and other outdoor dangers.
  • FLYING WITHOUT DYING - Important safety tips for canine air travel.
  • DIVORCING YOUR DOG - How to find your dog a new home when circumstances require it.
  • LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES - How to find a dog to join your family; adoption strategies that help all dogs; avoiding puppy mills.
  • THE BIG SLEEP: YOURS AND OURS - Arranging for your dog's welfare should you die or become disabled; dealing with the end of your dog's life.
  • LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE  to find a dog to join your family; adoption strategies that help all dogs; avoiding puppy mills.


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