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     Review from


    Animal Wellness Magazine, September 2006








"Imagine a book on canine health care that’s also fun to read. Scared Poopless – The Straight Scoop on Dog Care is just such a book. Written from the point of view of Chiclet, a four-pound Maltese (with the help of her guardian, author and lifelong dog lover Jan Rasmusen), this highly readable book is both a delightful canine autobiography and an informative guide to alternative health care for your own four-footed friend. Learn about the dangers of over-vaccination, the importance of a natural diet, and how to combat fleas and other pests. You’ll also find chapters on dental health, illness prevention, safety in the home and car, and what to look for when adopting a new dog.


Written with the assistance of renowned holistic veterinarians Richard Pitcairn, Jean Dodds, Stephen Blake, Jean Hofve, and many others, this well-rounded volume is packed with everything you need to know about giving your dog a happy and healthy life. A word of caution – Scared Poopless is written in such an attractive, conversational style, you may find it hard to put down!"


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