Dog Flu Vaccine: Do You Really Need a Shot for the H3N8 Canine Virus?

Written by Jan on July 1, 2009 – 9:41 am

Pug The flu is coming! The flu is coming!  Be afraid …  be very afraid.

This time the flu is headed for our beloved dogs. It’s the flu that killed racing greyhounds in Florida, beginning in 2003.

But don’t worry, the pharmaceutical industry has a lovely new vaccine with a shiny new needle.  Before long, expect a scary notice with the urgent message to rush in for a magic shot before your dog gets the new virus.  Why not get a bunch more shots while you’re at it? But before you go flying in, credit card in hand, I hope you’ll read this article, and others, and ask yourself some important questions.

Questions like ….

  • Is your dog really at risk?
  • Is the vaccine effective?
  • Is it safe?
  • What adverse reactions are expected short-term? And long-term (in a drug rushed to market with conditional approval)?
  • Did the virus mutate to Canine Influenza in racing greyhounds from racing horses vaccinated against Equine Influenza?  Are there unintended consequences for humans down the line from the canine influenza shot?

When I first read the New York Times article, New Flu Vaccine Approved — For Dogs, I thought: here we go again. Bird flu … swine flu … now dog flu?

My fears were allayed somewhat when author Donald McNeil, Jr.,began: “There is a new flu virus going around. It initially looked quite lethal, and caused panic. Now it is clear that it has killed relatively few victims — and many of those have underlying conditions.” But then he added: “It is particularly dangerous to be the possessor of a pushed-in nose — that is, to be a Pekingese, a pug or a Shi-Tzu.”  I relaxed again with: “It has now been found in 30 states, but almost exclusively in settings where dogs live closely together: shelters, pet stores, kennels and dog schools.”

I repeat: “It has now been found in 30 states, but almost exclusively in settings where dogs live closely together: shelters, pet stores, kennels and dog schools.”

I looked over the comments following the on-line article and realized that a lot of pet parents are nevertheless panicking. I asked a few of my vaccination activist vet friends to offer some advice. Here’s what they wrote.

***From Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH & Herbology, Author of the upcoming book on vaccination: Mark of the Beast

I am a veterinarian, I have 25 years of experience and I am HORRIFIED that this new vaccine was ever manufactured and is now being promoted for use. Our leading premier veterinary immunologist and vaccine researcher, Dr. Ron Schultz, has already informed us that the only reason there even was a canine flu……….is the use and overuse of the vaccine in horses for the horse flu!

Indeed the very use of modified live vaccines squirted up the nose of the horses that then shared the locality of the race track with dogs, racing greyhounds….that increases the chance of species jumping and this is EXACTLY why we have this pathogen. Vaccines keep the viral proteins of the disease in play and are the very reason we rise mutations of more severe strains and why we eventually have species jumping of the viruses from our companion animals then to man!

Emory University in Georgia has a paper out about the overuse of veterinary vaccines leading to emerging Public Health issues in man. How do you think Bordatella [Kennel Cough vaccine] came to infect now both cats and humans in the households with the dogs! With the impending pandemic that will be made by the mass vaccination using swine flu vaccines…..we certainly DO NOT NEED our dogs adding to the pandemic with theirviral flu protein sequences imposed upon them with the latest shot to pop for profits!

The country of Indonesia has the most virulent, pathogenic, lethal strains of Bird Flu and the most humans deaths because of the VERY FACT they have a mass inoculation program. Three experts in their country have critized their governments mass inoculation program and the mathematical model proves all three of these scientists work. One is a Tropical Disease Virologist, a second an Avian Disease Specialist and the third a Veterinary Pathobiologist, they all have weighed in: MASS INOCULATIONS ARE THE VERY CAUSE OF RISE OF MUTANT STRAINS AND PANDEMICS ARE THE ENDGAME.

I would never ever, recommend this and especially to dogs [flat-faced dogs likes pugs and bulldogs] who can hardly breath to begin with. Boarding facilities and vaccinologists will be the reason this vaccine will make more disease and deaths occur. Do not get the vaccine.

In continued correspondence Dr. Jordan added:

Canine Flu came from the use and overuse of modified flu vaccine in the equine. The horses had the vaccine sprayed up their noses and then the modified live virus mutated to be able to attack and infect dogs. The first were the racing greyhounds on the very tracks that the equine flu came from.

You can expect that the virus will once again mutate and jump to infect man and probably the cat, anyone that shares the environ with the dogs. Some dogs … because a vaccine has nothing to do with the ability of the individual to deal with a virus … may not have any signs until a stressor or another trigger comes along … bad food, travel, crowding, the physical exertion of racing, etc.

People getting flu vaccines is most likely where the flu mutated from us to the horses……and we can expect much more of that with all of these pop a shot for profit coming down the pike. I’m particularly worried about groomers and kennel owners believing they need to add this shot to their requirements for service. Then you will see stressed out multiply-housed animals really rise a mutation.

It’s the very use of vaccines is what keeps the disease in play. Vaccination does not mean immunization; it does not mean immunity. Every vaccination is experimentation under the guise of providing health care delivery.

You asked about side effects. I fear vaccinating will contribute to the making of a pandemic virus, will contribute to the circulation of viral proteins, will contribute to the toxic load of pets and people, and will help rise the strains of mutations.

*** Stephen R. Blake, DVM, Author of The Pet Whisperer

I am so sorry to hear our friends the animals are going to be exploited once again. I have seen this scare tactic used for the past 40 years to get people to inject their animals with dangerous vaccines that have no safety studies to back them up. This is also the case with human vaccines.

Each individual must ask themselves, “Is the risk from the natural infection greater or less than the potential danger of the vaccine?”

“The witch doctor succeeds for the same reasons all the rest of us doctors succeed. For each patient carries his own doctor inside himself. They come to us not knowing this truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.” — Albert Schweitzer

Dr. Schweitzer makes it very clear about what healing is. Injecting chemicals into an animal is not healing. It does not awaken the doctor who resides within each patient. It disrupts the immune system of the animal and can result in everything from death to chronic disease states, such as autoimmune disease, organ failure, allergies, etc.

For the past 25 years I have stressed the following issue about vaccinations. Is the theory of vaccination practical? When we know there are an infinite number of strains of virus and bacteria, does it make any sense to try to prevent disease by injecting an infinite number of viruses and bacteria into the blood stream’s of animals and people? My answer to this question is NO. I feel the answer to preventing disease is a healthy immune system. You can read my page on how to stay healthy and learn what you can do to help your animals and yourselves stay healthy.

The reason animals get ill is due to their susceptibility to infection. We should be putting our resources into nutrition, no chemicals, IE flea and tick, pesticides, herbicides, clean water, stop over vaccination practices. Injecting more chemicals into animals is not prevention. A strong healthy immune system is health.

Learn about raising your pet on raw or natural diets, bovine colostrum, essential oils,  clean water, chemical free living and few or no vaccinations. You will do no harm with these products and will help provide the doctor within with the building blocks to keep them healthy.

On May 27, 2009, the USDA (Department of Agriculture) granted a conditional license to this first vaccine against Canine Influenza Virus (CIV), produced by drug giant Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.  The drug company writes in a recent press release available on their website: ” It may be given to dogs six weeks of age or older and can be given annually as a component of existing respiratory disease vaccine protocols to ensure more comprehensive protection.” (Respiratory vaccines, according to top experts I’ve interviewed, have dubious effectiveness and known propensity to adverse reactions. See my Vaccinating Dogs page for more information; scroll down to the section on Bordetella/Kennel Cough.) The CIV vaccine will be up for regular licensing in one year.

During the conditional period, data will be gathered on “product purity, product safety under normal conditions of use in field safety trials and demonstration that the product has a reasonable expectation of efficacy.”

So, I’ve given you something to think about other than fear of dog flu. I’m a consumer advocate, not a vet, but I will not be purchasing a flu vaccine for my dogs. I will continue to put my money in building health with great food and no harmful drugs.

Dr. Cynda Crawford, one of the flu’s discovers, calls the number of dogs who have died of this disease “a drop in the bucket” of the nations 70 million dogs.  It is my belief that the number of dogs adversely affected by reactions to vaccines, especially drugs rushed to market, would overflow that bucket many times over.

I hope you’ll think health, not fear, when the Powers That Be warn you to be scared and buy drugs.

Other articles that may interest you include: Vaccinating Unhealthy Pets: Beware Reactions & Vaccine Failure, Vaccinating Dogs: 10 Steps to Eliminating Unnecessary Shots and Titer Test: Don’t Vaccinate Your Dog Unnecessarily.  I’ve also just posted Rabies Vaccine Skin Reaction: Ischemic Dermatopathy, the story of how a champion agility dog had her career ended by a rabies vaccine reaction, and another on Changing Rabies Vaccination Laws.  These last two are on my other blog,

Until we meet again, please forward this article to friends. And leave us a comment or question.

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81 Comments to “Dog Flu Vaccine: Do You Really Need a Shot for the H3N8 Canine Virus?”

  1. Max Abdersin Says:

    This is very interesting. I had a dog cough flem in my face while it was on my lap and I shortly thereafter got Bronchitis for nearly a week and a half. My wife thought I was crazy when I had said the dog infected me. H1N1 strain A can mutate to pigs,birds, and man. I am not beyond the belief that it could spread in pandemic to other animals as well. In my advanced research, I have found the Spanish Flu in 1918 had 25% rare plant species in it mixed with RNA. In the newer H1N1 strain A we are finding similar strians of the rare plant 12% mixed with RNA. There is a consistent pattern. I feel on the plant origin and possibly RNA that is asexually reporduced (like frog eggs RNA) in a newer 8 genome string pattern could be why the virus is so rampant in hot climactic areas. I have submitted to HHS and CDC my thesis research work to see if we might target the plants photosynthesis and the asexual RNA genome reproduction features, to make these newer strains less suseptible to spreading by light dark therapy. The research is pending review by HHS and CDC.

  2. Michelle at Says:

    I love this site! It is very informative and provides excellent information! Can’t wait to read your next post. =)

  3. Jan Says:

    Thanks for writing, Michelle. I’m delighted you like my blog and website. I hope you’ve signed up for updates and for our free e-newsletter. And please tell your friends. Let’s help change the world for dogs.

  4. Diana Says:

    I LOVE reading about what I’ve been thinking about for years!! I worked for a nation-wide mobile vaccine peddler for a few years. The company has a contract with one of the most well-known pet store chains in the country. The LIES and garbage that they sell to customers and their pets SHOULD be illegal. Unfortunately, it’s widely applauded and certainly accepted. I’ve personally seen many dogs and cats crash after the “cocktails” that our vets injected. It was bad enough that half of the ferrets that they vaccinated died. The fact that they gave Lyme disease to countless numbers of dogs with that vaccine was worse. But, the thing that bothered me the most, was how they bombarded the pets in this country with the Lepto shots, claiming that urban sprawl made it necessary. A “few” (hundred/thousand?) vaccine reactions didn’t stop their campaign. In reality, I only remember that Lepto was mostly a problem with hunting dogs in the spring, and in flood areas. Instead they moved ahead with their Lepto push! I was warned to shut up when I said that the company was probably CAUSING a pandemic with the mass vaccination. What a wonderful surprise to see this in print. I hope more people realize this before it’s too late! THANK YOU for this article!

  5. Gabbie Says:

    What an interesting and very informative blog 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful articles! All the best 🙂

  6. Jan Says:

    Diana, thanks for telling us about your experience with vaccine peddlers. I think these mobile clinics are beyond dangerous, not to mention unnecessary.

    Leptospirosis is a disease of wetlands and woodlands, yet it is given everywhere, even in dry, treeless desert areas. It also has many strains but few vets check to make sure the vaccine is protective in their area. (It rarely is.) Also, it has a short immunity, is highly reactive and often causes adverse side effects, and should NEVER be given to a dog under 10 pounds. That it is part of the combo shot DHLPPC is criminal in my opinion. That combo shots even exist is criminal!

    My friend Dr. Pat Jordan, quoted in many articles here, has a new book out in pdf and audio form called Mark of the Beast. It’s all about the hoax of vaccination and her belief that vaccination will cause pandemics. No one on the planet has done more research than she has. Sign up for our free e-newsletter to get information on how to purchase this book. The new issue of the newsletter will be out soon.

    Take care and thanks for helping to spread the word. Marketing, not truth, seems to be winning. Dogs are losing.

  7. Flu Mask Says:

    I’ll bet if they started making flu masks for dogs, people would use them… Pet owners tend to be a lot more concerned about their pets’ health than people do about their own..

  8. Teri Says:

    I agree “here we go again” with the vaccines and flu bugs. No one has bothered to come up with a viable answer on how the pig got the flu in the first place. It is a mixer of the Spanish Flu of 18 something or other, the Avian flu which came from Chinese chickens and some human flu strain. Now I am perplexed at how the 1819 Spanish flu mysteriously re-appeared 190 years later, and how the bird and the pig got together so to speak.

    There is more money spent ( 1 billion dollars) on useless and untested vaccines in this case-than in prevention and finding the causes of these “lab made” flu viruses.

    I have No Sympathy for Drug Makers.

    Like your blog …


  9. Danniele Brown Says:

    This is extremely alarming. In this case, prevention is better than cure. We need to ensure that our dogs are healthy and that they have a strong immune system. In this case, we have to provide them with food that aren’t filled with preservatives and fillers but are packed with nutrients that our dog needs to stay secured and protected from harmful viruses these days.

    Danniele Brown

  10. Combo Shots for Dogs: A Dangerous Convenience | Truth4Dogs Says:

    […] The other P is for parainfluenza (giving immunity for at least 3 years). It is also a non-core shot and does not protect against the canine flu. […]

  11. Nancy Says:

    I am curious as to whether you feel the same way about flu shots for people?
    I live in a condo complex with lots of dogs, several of whom have already had canine flu and am considering asking my vet about getting my dog the new flu vaccine
    Is there any specific information out there about this vaccine being harmful or are you just opposed in general?

  12. Jan Says:

    There is nothing that could get me to take a flu shot, or give one to my dogs. This new dog flu shot isn’t even approved yet. They don’t know if it works or if it’s safe. And even if they say it’s safe, that means safe after testing for a few months or, someday, a year. They don’t follow the health of the vaccine recipient for years. They don’t follow any shots, for humans or animals, to see if they cause cancer or any other disease down the road.

    Hey, it’s the flu. Dogs and people get it, and most get over it if they eat good food and aren’t over-vaccinated and medicated. I personally feel it’s safer not to vaccinate. You have to make your own decision.

    After Congress gave immunity to liability from lawsuits to drug companies after the Swine Flu vaccine problems in the 70’s, more and more vaccines popped up. What do they have to lose? You can’t sue them if your dog dies or if you develop a neurological disease. It’s all gain for them, and no risk.

    I’m neither a vet nor an MD, but that’s what I believe after years of research and interviews.


    I have two indoor kittens that I want to have fixed. The problem is no vet in Atlanta, including the so called “holistic” will fix them without the toxic rabies shot. The ingredients in it have nothing to do with health and they even contain aborted fetuses! At least the kittens are male, so no more kittens in my house, just an angry owner who does not want to be called neglectful for doing the right thing. They are fed holistic food -meat fish and are never sick.
    De-programing the sheeple wont be easy, but we must try.

  14. Jan Says:

    Janet, a rabies shot for cats must be legally required in Atlanta. Since rabies is rare in cats, and overpopulation is a huge problem, the laws are counterproductive. You should work on changing it!

    You’ll probably have to travel to another state to have the cats neutered. Males heal pretty quickly so that’s an option.

    In any event, good for you for being such a good cat mom!

  15. Kim from USA Says:

    Thank you! I have a brain injured child from vaccination, and when I went to get my puppy vaccinated shortly after my son’s diagnosis I was told, “oops we did the vaccine too soon; we need to do it again”…I am thinking not smart. Low and behold I had a brain injured dog too.
    The flu vaccine for any species is just plain scary. Thank you for the article with quoted facts.

  16. Jan Says:

    Kim, I’m so sorry. Two thoughts: 1) Vaccinating a puppy before 8 weeks of age, if that’s what your vet did, is inexcusable — especially since the vet apparently knew better. Did he/she charge you for the second shot and any subsequent treatment? If so, I’d call that theft. If a building contractor did something wrong, you’d never pay to repair his blunder, but most of us don’t expect the same of vets/doctors. I hope you report that vet to your local veterinary board. It’s the only way we can start making vets accountable. Learn how to report your vet at Oh, and dump the vet. There’s a referral list for finding a new vet, too.

    2) Find a homeopath who can help you with the effects of the vaccine. A homeopath who treats both people and animals would be ideal so that your child can also be treated. There’s a referral list for vets who are certified in homeopathy at the above web address. The homeopath I use, who is not a vet but treats humans and animals and also teaches homeopathy, is Willow Tipton. She does phone consults for 45 minutes, and sends you the appropriate remedy, for $70. She treats me and my dog Jiggy and has helped us immeasurably. Her phone is 858 -793-1104.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  17. Pat Fitzgerald Says:

    Thank you for great information. Someone in my office came running in panicking about the “dog flu” and getting shots, but as I am against them for myself, I wanted more information. You gave it to me — I need to look no further! Unfortunately, this year it was mandatory for me to get the flu vaccine, but I will not make it mandatory for my dog, Bree.

  18. Jan Says:

    Pat, I’m glad the article on the dog flu shot was helpful. I hope you’ll check out the other vaccination articles as well — and pass them on! Just go to and click Vaccination under Categories.

  19. How to Avoid Vaccination Reactions in Dogs | Truth4Dogs Says:

    […] 10 Steps to Eliminating Unnecessary Shots Titer Test: Don’t Vaccinate Your Dog Unnecessarily Dog Flu Vaccine: Do You Really Need a Shot for the H3N8 Canine Virus? Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions by Jean Dodds, DVM Tags: bad reactions to shots, cat, dog, dog […]

  20. Mandy Says:

    I have been reading as many sites as possible to do with Kennel Cough. I am in a situation where I do rescue and placement. I had 9 Boxer puppies that all have been re homed. Everyone of them was doing great and not one had coughed once while in my care, some of them as long as a week. Two of the pups have had their vaccines with the Bordetella and both are now very sick and in the vet hospital undergoing IV therapy. I read with interest about the flat faced dogs, both of these pups have fairly short snouts. I pray that these pups fully recover. Is there anything else you can suggest about helping these poor pups ?

  21. Jan Says:

    Mandy, one of the problems of vaccinating dogs that are stressed, as rescued dogs usually are, is that the vaccine may fail and may cause the disease it is meant to prevent. Bordetella is not a very effective vaccine in any event. Read what Dr. Ron Schultz says about it at

    If you know a vet skilled in homeopathy, or a homeopath who does animals as well as people, that is who I’d contact. Homeopathy is very effective in treating vaccine reactions. It can be combined with traditional treatment or be begun afterword.

    I wish your little pups the very best.

  22. Canine Influenza Vac... Have you heard about it? - Forums - Yorkshire Terrier Community Says:

    […] would not do it….. Dog Flu: Does Your Dog Need the New Vaccine? | Truth4Dogs __________________ Cindy & The Rescue Gang Why do you think they call them Yorkshire […]

  23. Cindy Says:

    I have a 4 year old puggle. He was given the flu vaccine along with his normal annual vaccines this week. 12 hours after the injections, he started having a severe reaction to the injections,which he had never had before. He had hives, a temperature, and his face was swollen. I am very myself for giving permission to the vet to give this vaccine..and for the vet not giving me the information that this vaccine was only conditionally approved in 8/09. The clinic requires it now for the dog to be boarded.

  24. Donna Says:

    Do NOT give this shot to your dog!!!! My dog was a lab/pit mix.. and she went to the vet yearly for all her shots and annual exams. NEVER was she sick, never had worms, heartworms, etc.

    We took her to the vet 11-17-2009 for her annual visit and all but some minor arthritis she was found to be in good health. We started her on the ZOOM medication for her arthritis and she was taking the INTERCEPTOR to prevent heartworms as normal.

    While at the vet office, I noticed the pamplet for the Canine Flu vaccine so I inquired about it and was told numerous times that this was a “safe” vaccine for my dog. So, while there I decided since she was an outside dog to let her have this flu shot.

    We were told to bring her back in two weeks for the second round of the shot, which we did. Again, she was still in good health.

    Five days later after receiving her second shot for this Canine flu shot, we found her outside dead!!! She had NO health problems!!!!! She was three days shy of her 9 year birthday and she had NEVER been sick.

    The veterinarian tried to assure me that it was not the shot that killed her but rather she died from either a aneurysm, stroke or Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus that occurs in big dogs. I have had big dogs ALL my life and none of them had ever died from any of these. They all died from old age!!

    I will go to my grave believing this shot killed my beloved girl, as I stated above, she had never been sick and was always healthy. Our yard was fenced in, no poisons of any kind around and where we lived no one would have harmed her as we live in a small area. The dogs beside us were not harmed so this caused a “RED FLAG” to go up having us believe that it was this shot that took her life!

    I know the veterinarian tried his best to convince me other wise, but if the flu shot can kill humans within days, weeks and months then surely it could do the same in animals. Unfortunately it had to be my girl that this happened to.

    So I STRONGLY urge you to ” DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR DOG WITH THE CANINE FLU SHOT” since she died 5 days after taking this shot!!!!

  25. Jan Says:

    Cindy, I’m sorry your puggle had a problem with the shot. Vets who fail to give you full information before vaccinating should be reported to your state veterinary board. Learn how at You can also find a referral list for holistic vets there.

    Re boarding at the vet’s, I doubt that that is a good idea anyway. Even if dogs aren’t caged with ill dogs, they likely urinate and defecate in the same area. This is a good way for healthy dogs to get sick.

  26. Jan Says:

    Donna, I’m so terribly sorry for what happened. If your vet didn’t tell you that the shot had only conditional approval, you should report the vet to your state veterinary board. And call the drug manufacturer to report what happened. This is how to make drugs lose their conditional status.

    Also, did your vet tell you that heartworm meds are not necessary during cold weather?

    Dr. James R. Shannon, former Director of the National Institute of Health, USA, said, “The only safe vaccine is the one that was never used.” It goes for most medications. You need to investigate all drugs: Are they really necessary? Are they really safe?

    My best to you.

  27. Lewis Says:

    Dear readers

    Our 3 year old mixed poodle/schnauzer received the first Canine Virus shot and within days could no longer properly digest her food. In one month she has gone from a 52 pound healthy schoodle to a 42 pound lathargic couch potato. No matter how we have regulated her food or what types of food she is given, it comes out almost the same as it went in! Our vet and us are at our wits end. We may lose Sophie!

    In addition within several days of the shot, the area where the vacination was administered shed all her blond hair. It is growing back slowly, but nearly jet black!

    The reason we got the vaccine is because our boarding facility demanded it for future boardings.

    We had no idea it was a provisional vaccine.

    Anyone else experience similar reactions?


  28. Jan Says:

    Lew, your story is all too familiar. I’d suggest several things: 1. report the problem to the manufacturer. They’ll have to report it to the USDA. They may also pay for your dog’s vet care.

    2. Find a vet trained in homeopathy. It’s your best chance. Find referral lists at Don’t presume your vet knows what he/she is doing. If the vet had, they wouldn’t have given this shot.

    3. If the vet didn’t inform you that the shot had only provisional approval, complain to your state’s veterinary medical board.

    Don’t give up on Sophie. Find her a better vet.


  29. Denver Accident Attorney Saul Sarney Says:

    […] […]

  30. Amy Says:

    Last Friday I received a letter from my doggy day care that the H3N8 vaccine will be required for all attending dogs as of May 1, 2010. I am very upset about this! When the first hooplah hit the media regarding this virus, I immediately called my vet. She told me the vaccine was conditional and adverse effects were not fully understood, there was not a singlem infection reported in our area, and so do not vaccinate at this time. After receiving the letter from my Frenchies’ day care, I called my vet again. Her exact words were “Oh boy, find a new day care.” I can’t understand how a business can madate a vaccine that is not advised by a veterinarian! I loved the day care center and the dogs especially loved it there. It breaks my heart to pull them out but it seems unethical to force an ultimatum for a vaccine that is not fully licensed. And since when is the vaccination of my dogs a decision of the day care? I will, with the educated advice of my vet, decide if and when to vaccinate them.

    Frustrated in Buffalo

  31. Jan Says:

    Hi Amy. Good for you for finding a smart vet and for deciding not to give an unproven vaccine.

    I suggest you talk with the day care provider and tell them they you believe they’ve been poorly advised and that your vet believes it is dangerous to give the shot. Offer to sign a letter releasing them from liability if your dog gets the flu. Remember, the only reason for them to want you to vaccinate, once you’ve released them from liability, is to protect other dogs. But if the other dogs either have provided a liability release or have vaccinated, then the provider has no worries. People usually get confused thinking that if you don’t vaccinate YOUR dog, then the others will get sick. But if the vaccine works, and they’re vaccinated, it doesn’t matter if your dog is vaccinated or not.

    If it were my dog, I’d try the logical approach first, then raise a stink with the other dog owners and even the local news. Others need to know that this shot is unproven and has only conditional approval and there are no cases in your area. Become an activist. Then take a look at all the other unnecessary shots they require.

    My own doctor recently suggested I take the H1N1 shot, even though I’m not in a group at risk — if there’s even much of a risk. I said, sure, as long as she writes me a letter offering to pay every penny of my medical bills that can be traced to vaccination — for the rest of my life. She stopped suggesting the shot.

  32. Amy Says:

    Thank you for responding, Jan! Believe me, it was NOT easy finding a vet who actually cares about my dogs rather than their designer waiting room or profits. I spent many hours interviewing area vets. She is wonderful and I’m grateful for her.
    I will draft several “letters to the editor” for our local newspapers about this subject. I am appauled at the number of people rushing out to give their dog this 2 series vaccine without any knowledge of it’s ramifications, or that their dog is in fact being used as a guinea pig to test it’s effectiveness and it’s side effects! As I told the day care owner, I see no coincidence in the direct timinig of the conditional license approval to the pharmaceutical company and the fresh media coverage. I haven’t heard anything back on this subject or the fact that I have pulled my business. I can only hope that they are investigating it further and will eventually cease the mandate. I love your blog and will be back! 🙂 Thanks for all you do for the well being of our canine kids.


  33. Lee Says:

    Hi- I called to make a grooming appointment today for my dog. I was informed that I should get this vaccine for the dog. I asked if I bring him in and get the shot, how quick does it work? They responded 70% prevention immediately with one shot the other due in three weeks. I am concerned with the data they gave us. I am not interested in having the vaccine administered— I was told each shot was 24.00. Can you verify the 70% prevention. Thanks

  34. Jan Says:

    Lee, no, I can’t. And I suspect they can’t either. But that’s not the point. It’s an unproven shot. Has there been a case in your area? Is it safe?

    If you read both the articles on the dog flu on my blog, you already know the answer. I am appalled that the groomer is giving the shot, or are you saying that you have to go to a vet to get it?

    If it were my dog, I’d ask them to put in writing that the shot was necessary, effective and safe and that they would pay for any adverse reactions caused by the shot. Ask them to sign it and have it witnessed.

    They won’t do it! In which case you ask, why would you want me to give my dog an unproven shot that might cause adverse reactions?

    They should drop the issue. If not, find another groomer who knows more about immunity. Don’t let them scare you.

  35. Lee Says:

    Hi- It is a groomer that works in the vets office- thank you for your answer. Will update my response from the vet’s office

  36. susan green Says:

    I’m very sad and angry and I’ll keep it brief. I took my 14 yr.
    old miniature poodle to the vet for grooming on a Thursday.
    I was told that she had to have the flu shot for her to be groomed, had been with this vet for many yrs. She was a very
    healthy poodle, she had a small heart murmur for many yrs., but
    she still acted like a puppy. She ran daily. On Saturday after
    the grooming I noticed that she was having trouble breathing
    and couldn’t get comfortable. I took her to the vet at 5 p.m.,
    had to wait one hour to see the Dr. and during this time the
    dogs tongue began to turn purple which I reported to the tech.
    They took the dog in for an x-ray and shortly after she had a
    major heart attack, her heart blew-up, and she was gone. I
    honestly feel that the shot killed my dog……there was no reason for her to die, she was just to happy and healthy. I wish I had read your info before I allowed them to give her the
    shot……PLEASE warn others. Thank you

  37. Debra Says:

    My mother’s 5 year old Scottie just passed away this past Sunday night 2 weeks after he was given his booster shot for canine flu virus. My mother told me within a few days after receiving the vaccination Mac became increasingly lethargic and weak. Mac went back to the vet(the same one who hoodwinked my mother into getting the vaccine) who told my mom he was just having a mild reaction. By the second week Mac could not walk and would not eat. By the time he made the second trip to the vet his gums were white, his urine dark yellow and his stools pale orange. Mac died from autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Please do not give your pets this vaccine. I am sure there are lots of dogs who have received the shot without having any serious side effects but there is not way I would take the risk with my 2 dogs. Mac was a happy little dog and his death will hopefully save others dogs from the same fate.

  38. Jan Says:

    Debra, that’s so sad. Please make sure that both you AND the vet report the death to the manufacturer. This drug has only conditional approval so all adverse reactions must be reported. If everyone reports reactions, then maybe the drug will be stopped. Maybe ….

    When you call the manufacturer — you’ll need brand and lot # — ask if they have statistics on deaths reported. They probably won’t tell you, but if you find out anything, please let me know. FYI, 5% of reactions reported for the rabies vaccine are death.

  39. Amy Says:

    Hi Jan! I wrote a short time ago regarding my Frenchies’ dog day care requiring the H3N8 shot. They are still adament about the unnessecary vaccine and will not change their position. The part I find most interesting is that the same day care offers both grooming and training classes as to which the vaccine is NOT mandated!! How does this make any reasonable amount of sense? And apparently, I seem to be the only “difficult” client because the vaccination certificates have been flying over their fax for dogs whose owners ran straight to the vet to juice them up. Argh!

    STILL frustrated in Buffalo

  40. Canine Influenza Vaccine - Page 3 Says:

    […] flu shot from owners of dogs that have received other vaccines without problems in the past. Dog Flu: Does Your Dog Need the New Vaccine? | Truth4Dogs __________________ Expert says recent earthquakes herald new era of seismic […]

  41. Heather Says:

    I had never heard of the dog flu vaccine until I went to have my dog’s teeth cleaned and a tumor removed and was told my vet requires the vaccine when a dog is being held there, even for the small amount of time my dog was there. it’s only now, 3 days later, that I’m sorry to say I’m actually reading up on this. He did have the vaccine, but I don’t think I’m going to take him back for the booster. he’s 12 years old, for goodness sake! Also, is there a list of vets that aren’t vaccine-happy? i have been with the same vet for many years now, but if I could find one that wouldn’t make me feel bad about not getting my dogs’ (ages 10, 11, and 12) vaccinations every year, i would definitely switch. I live in Charlotte, NC.

  42. Jan Says:

    Heather, YES! Please switch vets. If your dogs have been vaccinated every year — there being no scientific basis for doing so — especially at ages 10 and over. And vaccinating when your dog has a tumor. Run!

    The canine flu shot is a big money maker, and has only provisional approval. Given the lack of reporting by vets and pet owners of vaccine reactions, it will likely be approved. Dogs catch the flu in crowded situations with nose to nose contact. Your vet allows those conditions?

    Look for vets at Find someone with holistic and/or homeopathy training. I’d look for someone who knows how to detox for vaccines.

    As for vets who make you feel bad about not vaccinating yearly, they are the ones who should feel bad for vaccinating against the guidelines of every vet school and organization in North America. Shame on them! I hope you’ll read this:

  43. sam1 Says:

    I just have to say….my dog received the first round of the vaccine 3 weeks ago. He was so sick for the next 5-10 days and I had to take him to a 2nd vet for an opinion. My poor guy was lethargic, wouldn’t eat, run & hid in my closet for 2 weeks. He will NOT be getting the suggested booster!

  44. Jan Says:

    Sam, call the vet who gave the rabies shot and get the manufacturer and lot # of the vaccine. Then call the manufacturer and report what happened. They’ll have to report it to the USDA. They should also pay you for any expenses related to the reaction. This is important. Do it! Also, stop using the vet who gave the shot. Find someone more in the know about vaccines.

  45. ellen eisenstein Says:

    I have the most beautiful and healthy wheaton terrier in perfect health. On august 3rd he was given the H3N8 flu shot and the next started a down hill spiral. accidents in the house, lethargic, not eatting, lamness, heavy breathing, fever and now anemia in the form of hemoglobin in the urine. I know it is the flu shot. He was perfecting healthy until the day before. We are loosing him and we are angry and devastated. I felt I had no choice if he was to stay in day care and now I am being blamed by my family. I am fighting now for my dogs life and all the vets stick together and blamed other things as the cause. I know in my heart it was the shot and I will battle the manufacturers till the day I die so this never happens to anyone else. I am lost without my best friend. NO FLU SHOT!!!!!

  46. Greg H. Says:

    My 5 year old, female, Border Collie also had the H3N8 flu shot on august 3, 2010. It was required for her to be boarded, as we were going on vacation. We came back from vacation and picked her up on august16, and things appeared normal until august 31st when she had no interest in getting up to go outside. My wife said that she had not eaten her food for two days. She had trouble standing up and her gum were very white. She was admitted to the vet hospital august 31. Her red blood cell count was at 17 and continued to drop to 10. She had a blood transfusion in the early morning hours of september 2nd. She was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. She lost her battle with this disease later that evening. I wish I would have investigated more about this vaccine before it was given to her. This seems to be a common disease seen in the weeks following the canine flu shot. If any dog owner is think of getting this shot for there dog, don’t do it. She was in good health. I would rather her get the flu and let her body do its job to rid the virus. The house is not the same without her.

  47. Jan Says:

    Greg, I am so sorry about your loss. When you’re up to it, please report the reaction to the vaccine’s manufacturer. You can get the manufacturer, brand name and lot # from your vet. Do not expect that your vet will report the reaction. They seldom do.

    If your vet didn’t tell you about the possible side effects of the shot, report him/her to your state’s veterinary medical association. Failure to get INFORMED consent is a violation of their ethics.

    Thanks for you comment.

  48. fre wp themes Says:

    I hardly ever write comments on blogs, but your article urged me to praise your blog. Thanks for a great read, I’ll be following you.

  49. Jan Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words. If you’re interested in vaccines, check out It’s a DVD by top experts, the proceeds of which go to study the rabies vaccine.

  50. Lyn Says:

    I recently moved to a new state and needed to board my dogs, found a highly recommended vet that everyone uses, dropped off copies of their vet records several days in advance…only to be told the morning that I dropped them off that they would need the flu vaccine and it’s follow up 2 weeks later (at $24 for each shot – a total of $96 plus tax)…I felt I was being strong armed and stuck needing to board. I called my previous vet after only to be told it’s a standard vaccine.

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